Papercraft Club

Towards the end of every month a new Video Paper Crafting Class will be released.  This class will include multiple projects and techniques.  

These classes will not be made public and are only accessible to those who subscribe or purchase the class.  Kits will be available each month.  These will be listed separately to the cost of the class each month as the prices for each kit will vary.

For example - May 2019's class will include 4 cards, 4 tags and a stationary set.

The cost of the kit is $20

The cost of the kit and class is $26.50 and can be purchased as a set over in the STORE

or the easiest way to craft along with me each month and to ensure that the class is available to you as soon as it is released is to subscribe to the class at a cost of $6.50 per month (Button below) and then decide each month if you want to purchase the kit or not (purchase separately in the STORE) when it is released.

If you wish to subscribe at $6.50 per month simply click the button below. (If you have already purchased this months kit and class the class cost will be refunded to you)


1 comment:

Julie Burmeister said...

Thanks Fee I received my May Papercraft pack and I am looking forward to the tutorial at the end of the month.