Tuesday, October 11, 2022

It’s been a minute …….

It’s been such a long time since I blogged.  So much has happened in that time.  I’ve certainly had some personal challenges and some major changes to the way we do life but one thing that has become abundantly clear is that you need to do what makes you happy.  However small or insignificant it may be.  We are each in charge of our own happiness and even in hard times it can be the little things that can lift you up.

I’ve always been a homemaker, gardener, cook and crafter.  I still am but these days it comes with determination and in much smaller windows of time.  After chatting with a dear friend a few weeks ago she reminded me of why I first started blogging.  To have a record of my life for my children and grandchildren and to inspire me to keep going.  So here I am …….  

Gardening has always been a great love of mine but everything else always got in the way.  When my world came crashing down with some medical issues towards the end of 2021 my doctor advised me to try to do something that would motivate me to keep my body moving for as long as possible ((We know what’s coming).  Mentally and Emotionally it was a really tough time with a lot to digest and even more to come to terms with.  That’s when I fell back in love with my garden.  It has literally been my saving grace.  

We have a gardener come along to help me on a regular basis.  He does all the heavy work and I get to do the fun stuff like planting, sowing seeds, propagating and planning.  Every single day I make myself walk around the garden even if it’s just a quick look and on the good days I can dip my hands in the soil and enjoy the fresh air.   It has been so good for me.

I love to preserve food and the long term goal is to grow as much as possible of what we currently buy at the supermarket.  

The dehydrator is a godsend and makes storing vegetables, fruits and herbs a dream.  I have a sweet little display of all of the pretty jars in the kitchen.  

And use something in one of those jars everyday.  The lemon and orange powder are personal favourites of mine along with the capsicum which smells like pepperoni pizza every time you open the jar ! 

So to keep me motivated to blog I have decided to do 365 days of Harvesting and Preserving from the garden. It’s something I do anyway so no extra work involved but I will get to take some pretty photographs along the way to share here on the blog.  I may only blog weekly but hopefully more often and I am looking forward to learning from each other along the way.

Until next time,

Hugs,  Fee xx 


Binsa said...

Welcome back Fee enjoyed your post

Kate said...

Good to have you back!

Susan said...

Welcome back!!!!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

How blessed we've been to always bounce life, ideas and challenges off each other, Fee.
You truly are my sister-from-another-mother and I'm so happy that you've found the groove that allows you to enjoy day to day life with increased delights.
Love ya,

Marilyn Edwards said...

What a beautiful blog Fee, both words and visual. I’m not a gardener but looking forward to be inspired. You certainly have one beautiful garden �� you are inspiration Fee in so many ways - take it easy. ❤️❤️

Michelle Ridgway said...

So lovely to see you back. Your garden certainly is bountiful. Glad you found some solace in your garden. Take care xx

Anneke Potgieter said...

Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you.

Julie said...

How wonderful to see you pop up on my blog roll Fee ... I have missed your posts & your videos on YouTube. Your garden is looking so pretty! I have just finished the last kitset in my Tilda mystery boxes - Oh how I enjoyed them so much thank you Fee. xx

Susan Leach said...

Great to see you back. Take care

Pink Rose said...

Hi Fee great to see you back.I always enjoy looking at your garden and love seeing you whipping up wonderful healthy dishes with your produce .
I hope your health improves for you Fee and I love that you get much enjoyment from your garden.
Take care lovely lady wishing you all the best 💕🤍💕

Susan said...

Welcome back! I loved seeing your dehydrated foods in jars. It looks so pretty. I don't have my mother's green thumb. It skipped me and went to my younger son. Every pay day, he brings me a plant. It brightens up my bedroom, where I spent most of my the last 18 months, with cancer issues. Then he plants them outside. A few die, but most thrive in his care, especially cactus. I guess we are really desert people after spending most of our lives there! Your garden looks amazing. I love the flowering plants. I'm going to subscribe again so I don't miss any of your posts. I'm so glad you are doing better.

Unknown said...

Lovely to see you back. Your lavender is such a beautiful colour. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely garden. God Bless. Evelyn

Diana Stitching said...

It's so nice to have you back blogging. I do enjoy hearing about your life in Tasmania. Lots of love from Diana in England x

Lori said...

Your garden is so, so lovely! The perfect place to be for rest and peace. I was wondering if you could tell more about your raised beds? Especially the metal ones. I am trying to plan raised beds for my post-stroke husband to navigate easily with his walker. He is the one with the green thumb and gardening is such wonderful therapy for him! Wood prices have skyrocketed here in the states, so I'm looking for alternatives. Bless you! Lori in TX