Friday, March 12, 2021

Life ......

Well what a funny old week it has been.  I had such BIG plans and then things happened which changed my plans completely.  As you know I love to cook and like to think I am pretty good at it !  I have had lots of burns over the years and just apply burn cream and soldier on.  Which is what I did this week when I burnt the inside of my arm but it seems it was a lot deeper than I first thought.  AND it is in a very awkward spot that is very hard not to knock !  So it needs to be dressed and I need to learn to not KNOCK it as it is extremely painful.  Of course it is my right hand which limits me quite a bit.

But there is plenty to smile about including this 7 month old bundle of yumminess !  Meet Henry.  He is the son of our middle daughter Kaitlin and her husband Nick and is the sunshine in my day !  He adores his Nanny Fee and the feeling is very much mutual !  He will become my right hand man a few days a week very soon and I am very much looking forward to it.

This weekend I will be cutting all of the kits for my monthly papercraft club.  It is so much fun !  I send members 6 kits every month and then do a video class for each project.  They get to learn new skills and get 6 finishes every month.  You can read all about it HERE if you like.

Before I head off into the studio for a much needed tidy up I wanted to show you these gorgeous mugs our youngest daughter Amy brought home from her holiday on the gold cost last week.  Bugs for dad and Tweety for mum.

They are more like tankards and we only make a half mug at a time as they are so BIG but so cute !

Have a wonderful weekend.  It is going to be 29 degrees Celsius here today which is amazing for autumn so I intend to enjoy some of it and might just curl up with a good book in the filtered sunshine.

Love and Hugs,

Fee xx


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Maria said...

Ouch! Hope the arm heals quickly.
What a cutie to take care of .....enjoy.
Nice pair of mugs ...