Monday, March 8, 2021

An eternity


Well it has been an eternity since I blogged.  I didn't think that I missed it but I do .......  I think I started blogging 15 years ago ?  And have not been around very much for a number of years but I intend to be much more frequent to this form of journaling. Hubby and I are still doing ok - We have enjoyed 27 blissful years of marriage this year and still love to spend time with one another so that has to be a good thing !!  

I still love to bake and cook and just last night made home made pizza's for us both to enjoy.

Making our food from scratch is something that has always made my heart sing.  No matter how long it takes for a dough to prove - It always tastes better than picking up the telephone and dialling for a home delivery pizza.

We can put on it no matter what we want including home made tomato paste

And of course enjoy it straight from the oven !!

On the crafty front I have been super busy doing what I love the most and that is stitching.  I will fill you in on what I have been up to on my next blog post.


Fee xx


Tracy said...

Well it’s nice to meet Mr Fee!

Unknown said...

Hello Fee and hubby! We also love to cook homemade pizzas!
Great to see you blogging again and loving followimg your videos and posts
Sharon x

Wendyb said...

Lovely to read with you again darling girl xxx

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Hi Fee and welcome back to blogland! Your pizzas looks delish.

Julie said...

Its lovely to see you pop up on my blog roll Fee & that is a wonderful photo of you & your husband. Thank You for all the great Youtube videos you post for us out here - I look forward to your posts every Sunday now - they are my highlight.

Pink Rose said...

Hi Fee and Rod lovely pic and my your cooking is the best,i have made many of your wonderful recipes,hope your day is a good one Fee xx