Sunday, May 19, 2019

Project 17 - A Year of Gifts

Time seems to be passing so very quickly.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to press the pause button every once in awhile.  My dear old nanna used to say that time passed so much quicker the older she became and sadly I have found that to be true.  I remember announcing the birth of my first grand child on this blog way back when I first begun.  He starts high school next year !!!  I just can't believe it.  My life has changes o much in that time and my blog has recorded much of my life's highs and lows in that time.  I see it as a living diary that I share with the world.  So I must make more of an effort to record things on it again instead of just using it to share my tutorials.  

I have certainly found the best way for me to share and teach with you by making videos.  It makes it so much easier for me.  One day I will become brave and switch the camera around and talk with you all face to face.  I do intend to do some live crafting sessions in the face book group in the next few weeks.  Today's video is not actually a project but more the sharing of a technique which I use time and time again in my craft room and I thought that you might all enjoy it as well.

It is a simple, Stamp, Colour and Stitch on Fabric technique.  The video shows you how.  You can watch it HERE.

The stamps mentioned in the video are available HERE.

Don't forget to share any of your finishes in our FACEBOOK GROUP HERE.

I hope you enjoy today's little tutorial and that you try it for yourself.


Fee xxxx


Jacqueline said...

So dainty and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Jacqueline said...
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Julie said...

Its sweet & gorgeous Fee. Thanks for all that you share xx


Que bonitos conejitos!!!

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