Monday, February 25, 2019

A Year of Gifts - Project 8

It's Monday again.  They seem to come around very fast don't they ?  This week's project is an environmentally friendly one.  It's for Beeswax Food Wraps.

They are super easy to make 

And can save your food from being stored in plastic.  Great for lunch boxes for the family or to give away sets as gifts.

You can make them any size you wish and fold them to store sandwiches, cheese slices etc or even to stretch over a bowl to seal it.

I have a downloadable Instruction Sheet for you this week.  You can download it HERE

Have a wonderful week.


Fee xx


Julie said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Fee. Its funny as I have been wanting to make some of these for ages now & bought my beeswax many months ago but I got myself confused as different recipes seem to have other oils & things in & I don't really think they need all this added extra. I shall definately be giving this a go. Thanks for sharing Xx

LMM said...

I think these are a terrific gift idea Fee, but please everyone using these to cover food be very aware that there are people who are allergic to bees, honey etc. I have had food dished up to me which has been previously covered by a beeswax cover like these, and some of the food had come into contact with the beeswax, and I started to swell in the mouth after consuming the food. The friend knew I was allergic to honey and bee products, and when I felt my throat constricting, I asked if they had forgotten and somehow honey was in the dish they served me. I was assured that there was no honey, and it was a dish that was unlikely by my knowledge to have honey in it. I took my anti histamine pill which I carry with me at all times, and it was not until the next day that we worked out that it had to have been the cloth waxed cover my friend had purchased and used to cover the food while it was warm that was the culprit. My friend did not know it was a beeswax cover, she had purchased a pack of 3 as waxed food covers at a weekend market. So whilst these are a very popular craft item, and there is a push to use this type of covering in preference to cling wrap and other plastics, please be aware that there are a few of us out there that are allergic to bees and honey etc,. Depending on the allergy, please note when gifting these items, that beeswax has been used so that the recipient knows and is aware that the items should not to be used if someone has an allergy to honey or bees. I am fortunate that my allergy is not severe, but my allergy is bad enough that if I inadvertently eat salad made with honey in the dressing, that 1 mouthful of the salad is usually sufficient to make my mouth tingle, and I then reach for the anti histamines. I love the idea, just I cannot use these and I feel other people should be made aware, so that they know that these covers can cause problems for some people.

Ondrea said...

I love this idea and my dad is a hobby bee keeper so I may be able to get some beeswax from him. We need to nurture our bees.

Tammy said...

Thank you Fee I had never heard of these before...