Saturday, January 26, 2019

Such A Busy Season

Summer is such a busy time here in the garden.  All of the fruit seems to ripen at the one time and the tomatoes are sneaking up behind them.

I finally finished picking the B grade apricots and beat the local parrots to them

And the greengages I picked before they are quite ripe but the parrots are relentless and I have to play the smarts to beat them to them.

All of the apricots have been processed - Some have been made into Jam and the remainder I have stewed and frozen ready for pies, crumbles and just eating over cereal etc.

They are one of our favourite fruits and mother nature was very kind to us this year with a wonderful crop.

I am going to have to heavily prune them this year as a few of the branches on each tree didn't bare fruit this year.

I think I will have to google how ......  I am not a gardening expert by any stretch .......  

The smell of these cooking was just amazing.  The house had a sweet honey scent.  I think because I used brown sugar when stewing that it caramelised them a little.

I recently picked up these gorgeous wooden dress forms from my local scrapbooking shop.

I have slowly been working on them.  Last weekend I undercoated them all with GESSO

And whilst I had the paint brush out and a bit of a mess happening I painted some wooden embellishments as well.  I did a little more work o the dress forms yesterday so I will show you them next time.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Fee xx


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yum, I love apricots! At the moment I'm eating strawberry guavas straight off the tree - same thing, the birds go for them. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dress forms.

Ondrea said...

An abundance of fruit and veg is always welcomed although it can be a challenge "sharing" with the cockies and parrots. We don't eat jam , desserts or cake so I usually stew and freeze it. Our tomatoes are not doing very well this year and we wonder if it is the humidity. The lettuce bolts really quickly but we have managed to stagger the planting so we still pick a lot. Nothing better than fresh organic food. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the dress forms.

Helen said...

Nothing like fresh home grown fruit and veggies especially apricot jam.

Tammy said...

Oh my look at all those gorgeous apricots...Did you know inside the seeds is a kernal you can eat . That helps to kill cancer cells. You should look it up it is called B-17 I think if I remember correctly. It does wonders I am told .....The longest living people on this earth eat them and live to be 115 years old...according to a documentary I watched about it about 2 years ago.... I so wish we had fruit trees. I have 3 blue berry bushes but they do not produce but a handful which the dreaded squirrel's beat me to last year and this.