Saturday, January 5, 2019

A blink and it's gone

Just a blink and the week has disappeared.  It's such a privilege growing older but boy does time just fly.  I wish sometimes I could slow it down a little .  I remember my elders growing up always saying time flies when you are older - as a child I couldn't imagine the concept as everything used to take so long !  But now as I am very close to 50 I know they are right ...........

I have been busy writing patterns and making videos for A YEAR OF GIFTS and am excited that the first one will be released here on Monday morning.  

I am also joining with my friend Jenny throughout 2019 and will be studying the book - The Gentle Art of Domesticity which is dear to both our hearts.  We both love and live the concepts from this book.  I am looking forward to sharing some recipes, domestic projects and general chitter chatter about a domestic life.

Thank you for all of your support regarding CRAFTSY's decision to dump most of our digital patterns.  I have decided to revamp a lot of my patterns before I relaunch them and will do that steadily throughout the year.  And thank you for sharing the news about my Facebook Page and Group.  We are building a lovely little community over THERE.

What do you think of these lovely writing compendiums I have been showing you ?  These are the gifts I made for a few close friends this Christmas.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Each contains a writing pad, cards, gift tags and a beautiful pen.

I had one left over and it's for sale in my ETSY store.

I have been making little note pads in the studio this week.

24 to be exact

I had lots of fun making them and decided to make a video so you could make some too.

You will find it HERE.  Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as most of the YEAR OF GIFTS projects will have an accompanying video.

Congratulations to Melanie of Pennylea Creations for winning the little give away in my last post.  Please contact me Melanie so I can send your goodies out.

I will be having another little give away on Monday to celebrate the launch of A YEAR OF GIFTS.

I'll chat to you then.


Fee xx


retdairyqueen said...

The writing set is just gorgeous Fee

Nanna Ray said...

Love the compendium Fee. Make lovely gifts. Looking forward to the start of your year of gifts on Monday. Thank you for your efforts in providing so many lovely ideas.

Tania said...

I love those writing sets, what a great gift idea Fee. And those cute note pads are gorgeous!

Looking forward to learning more from you and Jenny throughout this year.

Have asked to joined your facebook page :)


dewdrop said...

Love these writing sets. I am a card maker and give card sets from time to time, but have never made a set like this. With all my cardmaking supplies this should be very do-able. Looking forward to seeing more of your 'year of gift making', this will be so much fun! - Diane from Minnesota

Jenny said...

I am so excited for the book study with you & Jenny!

I found the book 'the Gentle art of Domesticity' at a used book store last weekend for just $6! I've been reading it slowly, a little every evening before I go to sleep. I want to savor it. I wish I'd had it when I was first married...what an encouragement it would have been to me back then.

Ondrea said...

Oh my! Your writing set is so beautiful and I love how it is so unique. I think I have found another very talented blogger thanks to Jenny. Happy New Year. said...

One door closes and another door opens, so in a way that is the path most of my favourite and generous blog friends are following. Wonderful. Ilove the idea of a gift project. Thank you and God Bless. Will share on Facebook