Thursday, November 22, 2018

Shopping Adventures

Since my mobility has been an issue I have become very much an online shopper.  It's so much easier to know what you are looking for and then finding the perfect one at the perfect price, pay for it and then wait for my lovely post lady to drop it at my door.  It sure does teach you patience.  And its easier on the pocket as you tend to only buy what you wanted.

BUT I do truly miss browsing.  You know the browsing you do when you go to a store just looking for that one thing and leave with half a trolley full?  My oldest daughter does that at Kmart but for me I love rummaging around the shelves of the "cheap" shops.  The name of the shop changes depending on what State or country you are in - I know that friends in the US rave over the Dollar Tree and when interstate I always check out their local versions,  but the cheap style products don't.  Ours is called "Shiploads" a play on words - They have so much stuff there !!  

So this morning I had a 9am appointment in the vicinity of our local Shiploads and knowing that their Christmas items were on display I just had to swing by there whilst my body was nice and fresh and I could have a good browse.  I am always attracted to the DIY Craft section of course and was not disappointed !!  I came away with some lovely goodies and some great ideas for some tutorials.  I am hoping to get a couple of them made to share with you before Christmas.

I've also been busy making goodies for one of the local animal shelters I support.  You might recall that I spend a fair chunk of my time making little things for them to sell when they have their hand made stalls at local fairs and markets.

It keeps me doing something that I don't have to think about too much and assists them in raising much needed funds.

This big lot went to a local baby kitten bottle feeding group who hand raise orphan kittens around the clock.  They needed some much needed equipment which they have now been able to buy so that's very satisfying.

I've also been busy making this gorgeous little Easy Easel Calendar.  I have written up a FREE PDF and have also made a video tutorial as well.  You can read all about it on my other blog - CRAFT WITH FEE.  I've also had requests for pre-cut kits so they are also available HERE.

I plan to make a number of these to send out tucked inside some Christmas Cards to my friends and family.

Okay the brain is running a million miles an hour since my little excursion so it's time I put pen to paper and wrote them down before they escape my mind - Never to return !!  

Bye For Now,

Fee xx

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