Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Thrifting & 2019 Plans

Being frugal and thrifting has become second nature these days.  I am not frugal in every aspect of life but I believe that a dollar saved here and there helps the bottom line.  I do not often buy things to decorate my home brand new.  So much can be found at the thrift store for a fraction of the cost.

Like this gorgeous cut glass bowl.  It probably retailed at around $60 when it came packed in a lovely box and a brand name attached from one of the higher end retail stores but I came across it dirty and grungy for $4.  With a lovely bath and some TLC look at the treasure it is now.

I would never have considered paying big dollars for it but was very happy to bring it home for $4

It now holds fruit on my kitchen bench and sparkles when the suns rays hit it.  Just so gorgeous.

At the same thrift shop I found this sweet little tea cup for just 50c.  I think it will become a sweet little pin cushion.

And another glass jug for $2.  I collect these jugs and couldn't recall if I had this one in my collection.  I did .........    I will probably donate it back on my next trip.  

I think I need a photo file in my phone of the jugs I already have.  This is not the first time that I have bought a duplicate.

Not a lot has been happening on the crafting front but I did make some little note books.  I make little paper craft projects throughout the year and then donate them to local animal shelters to sell to make some much needed money.  

I find that on the days when I have to rest I can just sit and make duplicates of lots of things like notebooks very easily.  It helps to pass the time.

We have had a pretty awful month personally.  Our oldest daughter has had 2 brain anuersyms discovered in her brain.  She spent over a week in hospital and is now booked in for the 14th of next month to have them clipped to avoid rupture.  It has been a pretty scary time.  But she is getting on with things in the meantime.  Thank goodness she is studying to become a nurse and questioned her headaches and demanded a CT scan.

Life is just so precious ...............  Because of this we have taken our house off the market for a little while.  The agent had people wanting to come through whilst I was looking after 3 grand children and trying to spend time at the hospital.  It all became too much .......  We are firm believers that everything happens for a reason and its obviously not the right time for us to be thinking about moving house.  So for now we are staying put.

The garden has been giving us many gifts including lots of rhubarb ........  

And a massive amount of silver beet.  This was way too much for us to cope with so I donated it to the local school farm thrift shop.  It was very popular.  They sold 3 bunches in the short time I was there.  I am so glad that it didn't go to waste.

And I stewed up the rhubarb with some apples and made a lovely batch of stewed fruit.  Hubby asked me what vitamins were in rhubarb.  I knew it contained Vitamin A but discovered that it is also very high in Potassium and has Vitamin C and all of the B Groups as well.  It also contains magnesium and calcium as well as providing fibre in the diet.  So a wonderful addition to the diet !  I have since stewed up a second batch which we eat from each day.  

With everything that has been going on with Samantha and also my own health taking a tumble for a few days in the past few weeks, hubby and I decided to try and have at least one outing together each week.  We had to take our youngest into the city early in the morning last Friday so we decided to go to the nearby garden nursery and have breakfast.

If I could have fitted this beautiful Lilac tree into my budget I would have brought it home with me.  Lilac is one of my favourite flowers.  This established one was $49.95.  Not hugely expensive but outside my current budget.

It was so lovely to sit and enjoy some fruit and nut loaf and a coffee and gaze out over the beautiful plants on offer.  We will definitely be going there again ! I did feel better after having an outing.  Hubby is right I need to do it more often.

With the end of the week comes a clean out of the fridge in readiness for the coming weeks shopping and meal planning.  Lots of pumpkin was left over so it became pumpkin soup which we enjoyed with crusty bread.  The leftover soup is in the freezer for another quick and easy meal.

And the rest of the crisper box - Parsley, Capsicum, Celery, Carrots, Spring Onions & Zucchini were all thrown into the thermomix along with some herbs and salt and became a lovely vegetable stock which will last for months in the fridge.

Finally before I say goodbye I wanted to tell you that over the past few weeks I have been making firm plans for the blog for 2019.  It's been a few years since I have offered a FREE BOM but I am currently designing one to give to you.  I also have another idea which I am sure you will love.  More info on that to come soon.

If you got this far in my blog post - Well Done !!!

Until next time,

Hugs - Fee xxx


Karen said...

So pleased your daughter was able to advocate for herself when she knew something was wrong. It is so important. What a blessing it will be on the 14th when they do the operation and correct the problem

Jacqueline said...

Prayers and good wishes for you and your daughter

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Still holding Samantha in prayer, and gosh, I love that lilac tree too. We can't grow anything like that in the tropics but a girl can dream.

Dawn said...

You've been super productive even if not in the sewing room. I can almost smell that stock, yummo and that rhubarb looks delish. So glad that Sam is on the right track, yes things happen for good reason! Hugs xxx

Unknown said...

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