Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hibernating for Winter

Today officially is the start of the last month of winter and I can feel myself slowly coming out of hibernation.  Afterall it's been 3 months since I posted on this blog, although it doesn't feel like it was that long ago, time passes so quickly these days.  

The winter has been wet, cold and dreary but not as bad as past winters in our little patch of heaven.  

Like my tulips I can feel myself just poking my head out and wondering if it is time for sunshine yet ?  Sunshine certainly makes you feel much better and much more energetic.

The ground is slowly beginning to warm and the spring bulbs are beckoning the sunshine to help them reach their destiny and burst into bloom.  Much like me, I am yearning for the spring sunshine so that I may be able to go outside and bask in her rays.

Some months ago I planted these gorgeous little Sweet William plants.  They take me back to my childhood in my paternal grandmothers garden where these were a favourite.  We used to collect the seeds for her from the dried flower pods so that she could replant them the following year.  As I get older I seem to remember more of her methods and ways and certainly appreciate them more and more as the years pass.

My love of baking was passed down from her and baking sweet treats has been a favourite pastime over the winter months.  With just basic ingredients of Flour, Butter, Sugar and Eggs and adding another thing or two gives you so many possibilities.

Just last week we had notice of impending visitors who would arrive in just an hour.  So a batch of scones were quickly whipped up, A jar of homemade raspberry jam decanted into an antique bowl and some cream whipped to top them with and a feast was then shared with old friends.  So much can be done with just the most basic of ingredients.  Life these days has become so complicated as has our diet.

My sewing and designing mojo has also been in hibernation but began to emerge just last week after a long phone chat with my darling Jenny.  Even though the loss of my sewing mojo wasn't even discussed it seemed to reappear just a few days after our long chat.  We both always come away from  our conversations with renewed vigor and refreshed souls.

So some new designs are not far away and a few commitments well into the future will very soon be ticked off.  I am mighty pleased with that.

Happy 1st August to you today wherever you may be.


Fee xx


vino alexander said...
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Jenny of Elefantz said...

You are so right, Fee. Whenever we pick up the phone and chat about life, the universe and everything in between I come away feeling affirmed, refreshed, inspired, and very loved.
I'm so glad you blogged again. You have a soothing voice on this page and we need to be reminded more of the old ways, the simpler times, because we can have them again if we really want them.
Love you my friend,

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