Wednesday, August 29, 2018


The quest to get organised and to de-clutter is still happening.  My sewing room has been packed up and lots of my pretties have been put away for safe keeping.  I still have a lot of my china on display and have kept out a number of projects to work on.  I have to admit to quite liking the feel of not so much clutter.  It may become a permanent thing.

We have decided to not officially go onto the market with our house until we find something that we are happy to buy.  The local real estate market is in a frenzy and houses are only lasting a few days and we do not want to feel rushed or make a rash decision when it comes to choosing our last home so we have spoken with our agent who is a friend and we are sitting just waiting to go onto the market when the perfect home for us comes up.  We have already viewed 2 homes in one of the areas that we have chosen but sadly neither were suitable so we will just sit back and wait and keep chipping away at our to do list.

Part of the fun of sorting through a life long collection of possessions is finding items that you had forgotten about.  It has also given me the opportunity to assess what I really want to keep and what I am happy to let go of.  We have culled so much stuff - It's quite cleansing.

Of course there are many possessions that must stay including my huge collection of quilts made by me.  Goodness knows what I will do with them l but now is not the time to let go of them.  Maybe one day when I can find someone who will cherish them enough.  

Lots of my linen and doillies have also had a refresh.  Everything smells nice and clean and has a new lease of life.

Whilst sorting through my bookshelves I found my recent mothers day gift.  The latest release from my favourite author Tess Gerritsen.  Shamefully I haven't read a book for a few years which is such a shame because I do love reading.  So I sat myself down and opened up the cover and then I couldn't put it down !!  I had forgotten just how much I missed reading.  I have a bookshelf full of books just waiting to be read so today I will chose another and start to work my way through them.

Whilst cleaning up I found this little notebook.  I have been a list maker for the longest time and have been looking for this particular book for months !  

It was given to me over 14 years ago by my son who would have been a pre-teen at the time.  It was just a little spiral note book but it meant so much to me and I kept it as my book reading log.  I have such a dreadful memory and often buy books that I have already read so back then 14 years ago I decided to keep a list of all the books I had read and they were kept inside the pages of this treasured notebook.

So the process of cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering has been really beneficial for me and I have found some lost treasures in the process.

Now the trick will be for us to keep the house as clean, tidy and de-cluttered as it is today.

Wish me luck.


Fee xx


Annette said...

I admire folk who can admit that they need to downsize, I hope you find your new home soon. Your sugar bowl & creamer is a perfect match to a cup, saucer & plate set given to me for my 6th birthday by my grandmother 60 years ago, she planned on giving me a set each year but that is the only treasured one I have as she passed away 6 months later. Take care as you pack up your home. Annette

Margaret Stickland said...

Decluttering is therapeutic, so many memories,The new desk came up a teat and I am a Tess Gerritsen fan also Hugs Margaret

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