Sunday, April 15, 2018

The week that was

It's now the middle of autumn and the last few days have been freezing.  It's a reminder of what is just around the corner.

Mother Nature's way of reminding us to get ready for the endless weeks of cold weather, shorter days and long cold nights.

Winter is always my most productive time of the year in the craft studio.  There is just something about bunkering down from the cold and being productive.  We are an AFL footy loving household so sitting in front of the telly with some hand stitching is a favourite pastime.

This week I have been making Mother's Day Cards for a friends gift shop

They were so much fun to do

Lots of Pearls, Lace and Ribbon to make each card individual in lots of different styles.

To be honest I can't believe that we are already half way through April and heading into May.  It is so true that time passes quickly as we become older.

This week I also managed a visit and a donation to my local opportunity shop.

I found this great Dymo Labeller set that I remember having as a child.  I will use this in my paper carfting.

I also found some lovely vintage craft magazines.  I love seeing the different types of crafts from over 50 years ago.  Not much has changed really.  Just the style but the grass roots of each craft is much the same these days.

I find these books to be great inspiration and have quite a collection of them now.

I also found this lovely lace cardy for just $1.00 - I have plans to cut this up.

And each week I have been trying to work on a UFO.  This week I worked on Block 5 of Butterfly Garden by Leanne Beasley.

And I made some gorgeous Lavender sachets

I am trying to use up my stash of lavender and also my stash of printed images.

I think these turned out really pretty

This pic is out of order but in just one tiny block of Block 5 of Butterfly Garden there is 21 sprigs of lavender - I lost count how many knots that was.  Now I remember why I stalled on this block but I am wading my way through slowly ........

And finally during a clean up I found these 3 foam wreaths and decided to pretty them up.  I am trying really hard to use what I have and believe me that is a lot !  So I am pretty pleased with thus weeks efforts.

I hope you have a lovely week and find some crafting time.


Fee xx


Kate said...

Fee, all of your creations are so beautiful!! You're a very industrious lady to accomplish so much. ^^

Lady Jane said...

Everything is so pretty. Love old craft mags and books. Your sachets are really lovely. I made some with embroidery for Christmas but not so fancy as yours. I had one of those dymo lablers once a upon a time. Excited for you. Hugs, lj

Twinkle said...

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Susan said...

Oh, until I saw this picture, I didn't realize the stitching was on a floral background. What a wonderful idea! Thanks!