Monday, March 26, 2018

The Rain is coming

A brand new week and a brand new list of To Do's here in my little studio.  Today is looking pretty bleak.  The sky has come over dark and the heavens have begun to open up with a nice steady rain.

I am taking a little break from the housework to sit and write this blog post.

The little tomatoes in the above photograph are the last of our crop from our garden.

With the help of the thermomix they have been turned into tomato paste which I use in lots of recipes.  I always try to have a batch of this on hand in the fridge to add some extra flavour to recipes.  It has lots of spices, capsicum and onion.  The thermomix makes it so much easier.

Broderie Perse has been a long time favourite of mine and especially sweet little butterflies,  It makes you look at fabric so differently.  I usually have a piece ready to be stitched in my stitching basket at all times.  This piece will be teamed with some lace and made into a cushion cover.

I love to use machine metallic threads as they are so much easier to use than purpose made metallic embroidery threads and so much easier to thread into a needle.

I teamed the butterflies with some gorgeous Tanya Whelan rose blooms.  Hopefully it will become a finish sometime this week.

I have purchased a couple of scrapbooking bundles from Ebay recently from ladies who have left the craft.  This has caused an explosion in my craft room and the need for some more storage.  I spied this old DVD Shelf in the shadows of our storage shed.  I measured the space I had and found that it would be a perfect fit but wouldn't fit with my pastel colour scheme in the studio.

After a clean up of the many layers of dust that had gathered all over it I was able to prep it ready for painting.

I chose my trusty grey pot of Canterbury Blue Chalk paint and set to work giving it a new lease of life.

It was a little fiddly with all of the open strip sides and little pesky corners in each shelf but persistence prevailed and it came up beautifully.

Some much needed extra storage that didn't cost me anything more than the initial costs many years ago for the paint and shelf.

The couch cover that I ordered from Ebay arrived.  It was super easy to fit and looks great on my old burgundy couch.  

As you can see it is in the perfect position opposite the fire.  There is nothing better than being in super comfy PJ's, slippers and gazing into the flames.  It warms the heart instantly.

The fire is a cat magnet.  Usually there are 4 in front of it but Boo has it all to himself in this shot.

And Dreamer is making the most of the newly placed couch.  I wonder if they will leave room for me ?  Well that's enough of a break from the housework for now.  Monday mornings are dedicated to a good clean to start the week after a busy weekend of children and grandchildren.  I am resuming swimming this week after a few weeks off so I had best get moving.

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs,  Fee xx


Jacqueline said...

Great post thanks for sharing

Kate said...

Broderie Perse - love your butterfly and you've given me something new to try - thank you for that. I always enjoy your posts and your creativity. :)

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