Wednesday, March 14, 2018


When you have been a crafter all of your life you come to love a variety of crafts and most people have dabbled in many crafts throughout their creative journey.

The same is true for me.  I love most crafts and dabble in lots of different things including clay, yarn, textiles and paper.

However, the style of crafts that I love is ALWAYS Shabby, Pastel ad Pretty .....  It just makes my heart sing

Pretty Laces, Pretty Pastels and different textures .........  

Paper crafting has been a long time love of mine that I have recently become reacquainted with

I follow a business on Facebook called Bella Paperie - The eye candy that Deborah (the lovely owner) posts every day is enough to make my heart skip a beat .........

So when I knew that Lets Get Stitched was going to be in Brisbane this year a visit to her gorgeous shop at Brendale was a MUST .......

And to say that I was in creative heaven would be an under statement .......  Oh the pretties, the inspiration, the talent and the lace ..........

Deborah kindly gave me permission to take photographs so that I could take a little of that inspiration home with me and here I am now sharing it with you .......

If you live in Brisbane there are many classes on offer regularly and the supplies that are available for purchase are divine.  Deborah stocks lots of European brands that we just do not see very much of here in Australia.  She also has a BLOG.

I wanted to bring it all home with me or alternatively just move into the shop and live out my creative days right there !

Every time I turned around there was something else that took my eye.  The OOhs and AAhs could be heard for the entire hour we spent in that shop.

So many ideas and inspiration can be carried over into textile crafts such as quilting and embroidery - The possibilities are endless .......................

The flowers

The textures 

The bling

The Lace .....   Do you see what I mean ?

And the little vignette displays were adorable

I wish I had have had more time to do some classes whilst I was there 

Isn't this delightful ?

So pretty and shabby

And this piece hanging behind the counter is my favourite.  I will be creating something like this for my own studio one day really soon !

A lovely bag full of goodies from Bella Paperie came home with me so that I can create some pretties of my very own.

Watch this space.


Fee xx


Helen said...

Gorgeous place and photos, thank you for sharing.

Julie said...

Gosh its all so beautiful Fee! I especially love that "create" bunting in your first photos. My Aunt who lives in Brisbane used to speak about Bella Paperie all the time ... she took several classes there. I can see now what she was talking about! I think I might've needed more than an hour there!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Wow....and that