Monday, February 26, 2018

Simple Little Gifts

Quick simple little gifts are the best kind.  It's always a nice feeling when the gift box is brimming with items just ready to be gifted.  Often one of my children will ask if I have anything in the gift box suitable for an event they have forgotten about or has happened on short notice.  I also love to give "thank you" gifts or "just because" gifts so when I saw these cute little chocolate packs on a You Tube channel recently I just knew that they would be perfect to have on hand for those occasions.

The problem I had was sourcing the neatly little wrapped Hershey bars here in Australia.  Nothing we can purchase here is anything like them so on every outing I was scouring the shelves for them.  I was lucky enough to finally find them last week so bought a packet to try my hand at  wrapping them and presenting them in a gift pack.

I have really become a "frugal" crafter these days and NEVER throw away usable cardboard or the off cut pieces of my precious scrapbooking paper.  My stash of these were perfect for these little packs.

I simply wrapped each chocolate in a 2" square piece of scrapbooking paper, secured it with sticky tape on the back and then covered the cardboard with more scrapbooking paper, inked the edges and then attached the chocolates with some washi tape so that the recipient can reuse the backing board if they wish.

I placed them into a little cellophane bag (Oh how I love these for presenting gifts) and added a little scrap paper topper.

I keep a little tin full of die cut shapes that I make from my tiny scraps of precious glitter paper (Gosh I hate waste) and added them to the top of each bag.

And then they were done.  Some cute little gift bags of gorgeous chocolates to be given away.  And they look just adorable.  Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that do not take much time or money that make the nicest little gifts.

Aren't they cute?  I have another quick and easy gift idea to share with you soon.

Until next time,


Fee xx