Saturday, February 24, 2018

Blah Blah Blah ......

Blah Blah Blah .....  That's how I'm feeling today - Mostly because it is dark, grey, wet and quite cold (17 degrees celcius) And it's summer.  I do not have a lot of energy each day still but today I decided that I JUST HAD to get something done.

I wondered around the house dreaming about all of the things I want to get done BUT either can't because it's too big a job on my own or not possible at the moment.

I have a seasonal home - by this I mean that I like to change the way it looks each season so that it is more suitable to our needs.  We have such HOT summers (except for today LOL) and long COLD winters .........

Today was a reminder that winter is coming ..........

Although we need the rain and a good down pour has freshened things up it it certainly is a little reminder to start getting ready for the chilly season ..........

So with one of my daughters visiting I decided it was time to move one of my display dressers that currently lives opposite our winter fire. (sorry for the dark photo - Everything was gloomy here today)

We unpacked it completely and everything received a lovely clean bath and now looks sparkling clean.

We moved the dresser into the family room and I changed up the display a little and removed my vintage cookie cutter collection which I will find a new home for sometime next week. But I'm happy with where it is now and all of my pretty vintage china is now sitting on display and sparkling clean !

Hattie wanted her bed back where it was so her wish is my command.  She's a happy dog when she is laying opposite my recliner.  Hattie has been retired for 18 months now..  Her brother Huxley sits in the chair next to me - Greyhounds are such devoted pets.  These two turn 5 in July and Huxley will have been retired for 1 year in May this year.    I can't believe how easily he has converted from racing super star in the kennels to lounge lizard.  He still gets excited when he hears the race dogs barking but quickly decides that the couch is a much better option for him.  Lucky boy !!

So back to my room change up.  This is the pellet fire that we installed last year - Even though I LOVED my wood fire it was no longer possible for me to carry logs with my EDS so we had this installed and we LOVE IT !  It holds 15kg of wood pellets at a time and looks and feels just like the wood fire.  The best thing we did.  One of my favourite things in the winter is to sit in front of the fire but my dresser was opposite so now .....

The area is vacant.  I have an old 2 seater couch in our summer breeze through area which I am going to move back into the house next time I have someone here capable of moving it.  It's burgundy in colour and won't fit with my colour scheme but I have ordered a $28 couch cover off E-Bay today in Black (the same colour as our lounge and two our dogs LOL) it should arrive sometime this week.  

I need to be frugal these days so a $28 washable cover is much better than a new lounge.  AND a friend called today and she has found me a shabby brocade fabric suitable for some new cushions I mentioned to her I wanted to make to freshen up the house for winter.  One of her friends is destashing so I am able to get it for a great price.  I can't wait to have this room ready for winter.  More pics coming soon.

I haven't done very much on the sewing front.  I have had a dislocated wrist for many months and now I have torn a major tendon so have to go off to the surgeon again in a few weeks.  Oh the joys of this dreadful condition !

Anyway I promise to try and blog more often.  I think about blogging often but just never get around to it - I will try harder.


Fee xx