Friday, January 19, 2018

Promises ....

Like most crafters and quilters I tend to get a little dazzled when I see new projects, fabrics and supplies

Last year I started a number of major projects yet again and didn't finish what I started.  It has become a pattern over the last 10 years or so ......

A pattern I aim to break this year.  My challenge to myself is to try to finish some of the major projects I have started.  Some are more than half way finished - I truly believe that I start out with good intentions but then a new design is released that I fall in love with and MUST make and it dazzles me .......  I lose focus and then the previous project is put aside whilst I start another .......

When I think about the money I have tied up in UFO's it truly makes me feel quite ill.  It is just plain stupid .......  So I aim to get some major finishes this year.

I must stay focused no matter how much something dazzles me.  I have promised myself that I will start NO MORE major projects until some have been finished.

I have purchased a 3 tier IKEA trolley which will sit beside my chair and I will work on these projects religiously until they are finished and are replaced with another .........  The plan is to have 1 Stitchery Project, 1 Applique Project and 1 EPP Project in the trolley to be worked on so that I can vary my work a little.

This project is "Round You Go" by Sue Daly and I have been purchasing it as a BOM (without fabric) from Patchworks Plus.  I had 6 months worth just sitting there.  Looking at me ........  Making me feel guilty for spending the money ......  I am committed for the whole 12 months so stopping it or selling it on were not options.  So as my recovery has been slow and has involved a lot of sitting I decided to just get into it.  The quilt has 48 of these 7" finished circles in it.  Some blocks are much easier than other but it involves a lot of stitching !

I have finished 21 of these circles so far with Month 7 already on it's way to me.  So just 7 blocks to finish and I can say that I am up to date.  Each circle still needs to be needle turned onto a 9" background but hopefully when I catch up I can put some time into doing that.

There will be no fabric purchases for me this year except for a little retail therapy when I attend the annual LGS retreat so I am committed to using stash only.  This means backgrounds fabrics, backing etc.

That in itself is a challenge. I have unsubscribed myself from all fabric retail stores so that I receive no tempting e-mails in my "inbox".  I have enough fabric to last for the rest of my days so I need to be tough on myself.

So today hubby is putting together my IKEA trolley and I will spend some time filling it with my 3 chosen projects and keep plugging away.

What about you - Are you working on UFO's this year too ?

Love and Hugs,

Fee xx


Julie said...

Gorgeous fabrics in your circles Fee. Yes I am trying to just use up my stash too ... I am being really firm on myself & not going off on tangents when I see something tempting. I think unsubscribing from the newsletters is a great idea!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

These are all so lovely.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Such beautiful blocks, Fee. 💕 Yes, I have a handful of UFOs...and I’m making a dint, slowly.

retdairyqueen said...

Iam loving those circles
I hope to see the finished product
Good Luck


Preciosos!!! que bonitas combinaciones de telas.

Anonymous said...

wow i love these Fee,well done xx

Unknown said...

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