Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Free Tutorial

Hello and Happy New Year to you.  As many of you would know I am joining my dear friend Jenny in bringing you another year of Gentle Domesticity.  It's never too early to begin making little items to go in your gift box and this simple little tissue cover is a perfect 5 minute project which will assist you in using up some of your scrap box in the process.  A Win Win !!

 It is just so simple.  I have put together a little photographic tutorial for you to download and store on your computer and print if you like.  I have so many tutorials that I want to share with you this year. 

 It's so exciting getting back to basics and saving as much money as possible.  And with that comes being organised.  A full gift box is such a blessing when birthdays, Just Because and Christmas gift giving happens.

 You will find it over HERE in my CRAFTSY store. 

Jenny launched her FREE A Year in the Garden Block of the Month yesterday on her blog.  It is a truly beautiful set of stitcheries.  I will show you what I have done with Block 1 in the coming week.


Fee xx


Kate said...

The lace makes this so pretty - clever idea. Thank you for sharing. I have oddles of lace so I can get busy. All the best for 2018!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fee love this cute tissue holder,i need to make some of these thankyou for showing us how,hope you have a lovely day and i love Jenny's stitchery so pretty xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a pretty gift! Looking forward to seeing your January block. X

Tania said...

This is beautiful! Thank you Fee. I am enjoying looking over your lovely work.



Gracias por el tutorial

Sharm said...

Thanks Fee for the tutorial and no I didn't realise that you and Jenny were working together - how nice for you both

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fee! That's so much prettier with the lace on it. I appreciate your help in gift making!

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