Friday, January 19, 2018

Promises ....

Like most crafters and quilters I tend to get a little dazzled when I see new projects, fabrics and supplies

Last year I started a number of major projects yet again and didn't finish what I started.  It has become a pattern over the last 10 years or so ......

A pattern I aim to break this year.  My challenge to myself is to try to finish some of the major projects I have started.  Some are more than half way finished - I truly believe that I start out with good intentions but then a new design is released that I fall in love with and MUST make and it dazzles me .......  I lose focus and then the previous project is put aside whilst I start another .......

When I think about the money I have tied up in UFO's it truly makes me feel quite ill.  It is just plain stupid .......  So I aim to get some major finishes this year.

I must stay focused no matter how much something dazzles me.  I have promised myself that I will start NO MORE major projects until some have been finished.

I have purchased a 3 tier IKEA trolley which will sit beside my chair and I will work on these projects religiously until they are finished and are replaced with another .........  The plan is to have 1 Stitchery Project, 1 Applique Project and 1 EPP Project in the trolley to be worked on so that I can vary my work a little.

This project is "Round You Go" by Sue Daly and I have been purchasing it as a BOM (without fabric) from Patchworks Plus.  I had 6 months worth just sitting there.  Looking at me ........  Making me feel guilty for spending the money ......  I am committed for the whole 12 months so stopping it or selling it on were not options.  So as my recovery has been slow and has involved a lot of sitting I decided to just get into it.  The quilt has 48 of these 7" finished circles in it.  Some blocks are much easier than other but it involves a lot of stitching !

I have finished 21 of these circles so far with Month 7 already on it's way to me.  So just 7 blocks to finish and I can say that I am up to date.  Each circle still needs to be needle turned onto a 9" background but hopefully when I catch up I can put some time into doing that.

There will be no fabric purchases for me this year except for a little retail therapy when I attend the annual LGS retreat so I am committed to using stash only.  This means backgrounds fabrics, backing etc.

That in itself is a challenge. I have unsubscribed myself from all fabric retail stores so that I receive no tempting e-mails in my "inbox".  I have enough fabric to last for the rest of my days so I need to be tough on myself.

So today hubby is putting together my IKEA trolley and I will spend some time filling it with my 3 chosen projects and keep plugging away.

What about you - Are you working on UFO's this year too ?

Love and Hugs,

Fee xx

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A Free Tutorial

Hello and Happy New Year to you.  As many of you would know I am joining my dear friend Jenny in bringing you another year of Gentle Domesticity.  It's never too early to begin making little items to go in your gift box and this simple little tissue cover is a perfect 5 minute project which will assist you in using up some of your scrap box in the process.  A Win Win !!

 It is just so simple.  I have put together a little photographic tutorial for you to download and store on your computer and print if you like.  I have so many tutorials that I want to share with you this year. 

 It's so exciting getting back to basics and saving as much money as possible.  And with that comes being organised.  A full gift box is such a blessing when birthdays, Just Because and Christmas gift giving happens.

 You will find it over HERE in my CRAFTSY store. 

Jenny launched her FREE A Year in the Garden Block of the Month yesterday on her blog.  It is a truly beautiful set of stitcheries.  I will show you what I have done with Block 1 in the coming week.


Fee xx