Wednesday, December 6, 2017

From Trash to Treasure

You know what they say.  One man's trash is another's treasure.  Months ago I visited a local thrift shop and stopped by a bin of books for 20c each.  Most were modern style soft cover novels but I managed to uncover these 3 aged beauties.

And how could I let this one stay there with a title like this ??  It was destiny.

And look at the beauty of this well loved one ?  Some people may see an old worn out book.  I see a much loved book whose owner had probably left this life and their possessions have been dispersed and this book was seen as junk and donated just waiting for someone like me to come along and love it again.  And all for 20 cents !

I always knew what I was going to do with these books but they have been moved from pile to pile over the last few months until a few nights ago I decided that it was time that they met their final resting place, on display in my home to be admired and loved again.

I lovingly wrapped them in aged lace and carefully glued it down making sure that I did not damage the beautiful cover of the book.

Then I laid some hand dyed lace over the top and found one of my many cardboard boxes just waiting to be recycled.

I cut a tag from the cardboard and 2 identical ones from scrap booking paper and glued them all together to make a lovely sturdy tag.

I used my favourite punch to make a tag top and trimmed the edges to neaten

I chose some embellishments and used some distress ink to age the card, ribbon, flower and tassel

I put it all together with some aged cheesecloth and a gorgeous rabbit charm

I then tied up the books with some silk ribbon to finish it off and attached the tag

I just love the end result

I love nothing more than to decorate my home but I must do it as frugally as possible

The total amount spent on this gorgeous home decor item was 60c - Everything else was either recycled or came from my craft studio

And I love it.  It is now on display in my front foyer and is once again very much loved.


Fee xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Fee wow what a wonderful find and I just love what you have done with them ,they look so pretty,thankyou for sharing xx

Connie said...

Wow!!! you took that 60 cents worth of old books and turned them into a beautiful and elegant display. Great job!
Merry Christmas.
Connie :)

Julie said...

It looks beautiful Fee!! I totally agree ... you don't have to spend a fortune to create something gorgeous.

Lady Jane said...

Love this display, Fee... Neat find and love what you did with it, you have a knack for putting together things and they look wonderful. Hugs, LJ

Jenny of Elefantz said...


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Lorraine W said...

Hello Fee. I have just found your wonderful blog courtesy of Jenny, via The Bluebirds Are Nesting 💕
I have been avidly reading backwards, all your posts and had to tell you how stunning all your work is. I also love to sew and do paper crafts.
It is a feast for the eyes and all your instructions and tuitions are so easy to understand.
I see from your writing that you have an illness that greatly affects your health. I'm so sorry for you and admire you for "keep on keeping on".
Your new venture, A Gift A Week is fantastic, just what I am so many others will find achievable. I can't wait to see the plethora of gifts from everyone at years end. Thankyou sincerely for sharing your talent so freely. You are a darling!
Just wanted to ask Fee is this punch you used in this post for the tags a current one? I would love to purchase atag punch as I think I'd use it constantly, and I love this one.
Once again Thankyou so much for sharing your life and crafts on your pretty blog. I love it all. I also love the Op Shops and
With best wishes for a healthier 2019 and I'll be catching up with you each week,
Lorraine Wilby xxx💁💐

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