Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sleepy Sunday

It's the end of daylight savings here in Tasmania today so it's almost 4.30pm here and already the sun has gone, the sky is becoming dark and there is a distinct chill in the air with a promise of winter just over the horizon.  It's the type of day to just lounge around and snooze.  Harry has the right idea !

I am not a great sleeper these days as I find it really hard to get and stay comfortable in bed so I stayed in bed a little longer snuggling with the fur babies this morning.  With daylight savings ending we had an extra hour anyway.  We decided to head to the local tiny trash and treasure market today which is only held the first Sunday of the month and then stopped in at the local school farm opportunity shop on the way home.  We bought some lovely pink eye potatoes which are currently bubbling away in a pot for dinner, I got a mystery bag of spring bulbs and a few other bits and pieces

Including this gorgeous little glass dish which is destined to become a pin cushion to go in a gift I am currently putting together for a stitching buddy.

I have to say that after doing a few projects as a contributor to Let's Get Stitched and More Magazine (and being a month in front - YIPPEE !!)  I really wanted to stitch something else that wasn't one of my own designs so I decided to pull out all of my Tilda Club projects which I am way behind on.  I chose this one by Jenny and thought it would be ideal to take to hospital with me on Wednesday

But after prepping, tracing and choosing the threads I decided to start stitching it whilst I watched my beloved Geelong Cats play footy and what a game it was.  They won by 1 point in the closing stages.  It certainly did give me heart palpitations !  I hope that wherever you are that you are having a relaxing Sunday.

Love and Hugs,

Fee xx


chris. said...

Hope your surgery went well Fee? Would love to be able to stitch like you do. Chris xoxo

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