Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Getting back to basics

The past few weeks have been a wonderful time of reflection and questioning the purpose of a lot of the things we do.  Planning our future and trying to live with the hand EDS has dealt me.  

Part of the problem is not knowing what I may or may not be capable of doing each day.  For someone who was an event management planner for over 9 years it takes a lot of getting used to when you just have to take each day as it comes and STOP planning.

But I am trying really hard ......  

So each day I ask myself what I think I can achieve.  Some days it's nothing more than a little reading from bed, maybe a wander around the garden and sometimes I can spend an hour or two throughout the day painting, baking or even just trying to help hubby with a few household chores.  But whatever I achieve it is most important to me that I enjoy it .....  Like blogging ....  Hopefully I can maintain some momentum with my blog throughout 2017.

Along with reading comes inspiration ........ always for me.  I often read blogs from bed and come across a lot of recipes that I want to try but have to wait until the energy levels improve.  I found the web site of Bake Play Smile.  Oh My Gosh be warned ........  Some of the food over there is amazing !

This is my version of their Apple and Raspberry Crumble cake.  It is delicious.  We have been gently heating up a piece and serving it with sticky cream.  Divine !

And another recipe I couldn't resist was this Salted Caramel Cheesecake Slice.  It tastes amazing and will be a firm family favourite around here and very high on the family request list.

Over the past few years I have collected quite a lot of wooden items including small furniture pieces with the intention of bringing them back to life with a coat of chalk paint.  I have been able to spend a little time doing that and have finished this lovely drawer and mirror set.

And this sweet little wooden drawer set.  I am finding it so enjoyable.

One of the things that has happened to me as a consequence of this condition is that I find myself spending much more time at home.  It's for lots of reasons but mainly because the energy and pain that is caused by an outing is just not worth it.  Instead after a rest of a morning and afternoon I can have an hour or two of doing something enjoyable.  Thank goodness for online shopping and home delivery of groceries.

I'm off now for my afternoon rest and to do a little reading.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.


Fee xx