Monday, November 28, 2016

Little Bits and Pieces

It's very easy to feel overwhelmed these days.  It seems we always have something to worry about health, family, financial or just the daily trials of life in general.

My ability to do the things I used to do last month, last year or even in the past few weeks is diminishing, some days a bit and some days a lot but I have resorted to doing little things that make me happy and bring a smile to my day.

Before my spine became too bad I used to enjoy gardening...... a lot ....... we have over 1 acre of it but I can do no more than pull a handful of weeds on a really good day.  So now I am doing what I call tea cup gardening.

I have a lovely collection of little tea cups, containers and vases.  So I have been taking succulent cuttings that I inherited from my grandmother last year and I am making them in to little mini pot plants.

I've been having lots of fun getting them established and enjoy checking on their progress.  My dream is to end up with a beautiful indoor garden in our breeze through so that I can enjoy looking at it all without the work.  One little tea cup at a time for now ........

This tiny little jug is just over 2" High.  Isn't it sweet ?

One day soon I hope to have enough energy and pain levels bearable so I can visit a couple of my local op shops and find some more sweet little containers.

Bye for now.


Fee xx


Jacqueline said...

You have a beautiful collection started.

KaHolly said...

What a smart, and positive, approach! Here's wishing that today is one of your good days! XO

Anonymous said...

Even so, your tea cup gardening is gorgeous and shows a far greener thumb than I'll ever have.

Lucy said...

Your succulent plants are cute and healthy. I have one that looks like them that my son brought from Greece and I am trying to keep it alive. How often do you water yours?