Friday, August 19, 2016

Frugal Gift Making - Shabby Image Printing on Fabric

Two things I love are shabby roses and pretty ornate frames.  

 I have quite a collection of them picked up at thrift shops for a dollar or two.  

 I thought it was about time that I did something with them and once I had made a few I just couldn't stop. 

                      So I thought maybe others might enjoy it too.  So here is a tutorial for you.

I have quite a collection of vintage style images that are given away FREE on the internet.  The majority of my images come from The Graphics Fairy.

 Measure the size of the print that you need for each frame and then make a page of images on your home computer using WORD or a Graphics Programme.  

Next decide if you are going to use factory made fabric printing paper (can be purchased at craft shops, Ebay or Online) or if you re going to make your own by cutting fabric and freezer paper to A4 size and putting it through your ink jet printer.  I have used both methods.  For Freezer paper instructions go HERE.

Using a rotary cutter cut out each image to the size required to fit in your frame.  DO NOT peel off the backing paper if you are using COMMERCIAL Printable Fabric Sheets.  If you are using Freezer Paper peel off the backing paper once you have cut the images to size.

You can fuse the image to the backing card of the frame or directly onto the glass.  I'll show you both methods.  I'll also show you them with or without lace.  This frame is Oval so with the frame together and the backing card in the area where a photograph would be I ran a pen around the edge of the oval.  This gave me an area that needed to be covered.  As the image is rectangle and the frame oval it was a bit of a puzzle as to what to do.  

You could make the image bigger and simply put it over the entire oval shape or you can fill in the bits that are left showing like I have.

Using scrapbooker's double sided tape apply to the back of your image.  Peel off the paper side and then place down onto the backing card.

You can do the same with the lace that you adhere to the edges.  Simply just cut the double sided tape to the same length.  Adhere down.  Peel off the paper and stick your lace on top.

As you can see the card is still showing through the lace on this image so I decided to place a pretty trim over the top as well.

Hunt around in your stash I'm sure you will come up with something

Use the same method as with the lace and adhere it down with the double sided tape.

Do it on all four sides

And then place it in your frame with or without the glass.  I love the look of them without the glass but it's entirely up to you.

I just love how this one came out with the lace around it.  It's just so pretty.

The other method is adhering the image directly onto the glass.  Place the double sided tape directly on to the glass.

Cut your fabric to the exact same size as the glass.  Peel off the paper on the tape and then carefully smooth the fabric over the glass so that the fabric adheres.  

This particular print is one of 3 that I purchased from one of my favourite artists (Gail McCormack).   The colours are so vivid.  I have had them for a few years now and recently just discovered them again so stay tuned for some more projects using the remaining two.

Then simply just place the glass back in the frame.  So simple, yet so effective and a wonderful addition to any home.  

What a lovely easy to make gift for someone special?

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I have.


Fee xx


Fiona said...

clever idea... you do find lovely frames to use

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Just gorgeous Fee!


Que bonitos!!!! me encanta ese aire tan Vintage, besos

Binsa said...

Love what you have done with the frames Fee