Friday, July 1, 2016


I think a love of craft and handmade goodness attracts a certain kind of person

A person that can see the beauty in textiles, in the old and the new and  the potential of something changing from being a single little thing all on it's own, to becoming part of a bigger picture, a bigger project, a finished thing of beauty.

As crafters we are keepers of these items of beauty and usefulness

We collect embellishments, laces, ribbons and beautiful one of a kind items because we know that one day we are going to use that piece of loveliness and let it contribute to a finished item of beauty and in the meantime we are happy just to every now and again refold it, arrange it and just display it.

For we are collectors.  

If you are a thrift shop lover like me I bet you have come across some real beauty in the craft and sewing section ?  I bet you haven't been able to resist the allure of a mixed bag of goodies in the hope that you find a "real" craft treasure amongst it all - A lovely piece of antique cotton lace, a wooden cotton reel - You know what I mean don't you ?

The thrill of the hunt is almost as exhilarating as finding that piece of treasure to add to your collection

I know full well that many pieces of my collection will never be used but instead be useful in it's life just because it brings me joy to own it.

And that is ok.  For I am a COLLECTOR.