Thursday, June 9, 2016


My gorgeous new friend Karen owns a little French gift shop in the centre of Hobart (Chez Moi) and she has a little sewing room bursting with lots of goodies including Tilda products and fabrics.  

I do some sample making for her in return for crafty goodies.  It's a wonderful trade for us both.  I get to make her a sample and also get some lovelies for my own stash. It's a Win/WIN - Nice and frugal !

I really enjoyed making this cushion called "Vintage Buttons"  designed by Sally Giblin

 I decided to make one for myself too.  I dug into my TILDA stash and pulled out the last of one of my favourite prints and put it together with another of my favourites.

I still need to sew the buttons on, do the prairie points and make the back but it's well on the way to being another finish. I'm hoping to get it done today.

Do you barter goods for services ?  I'd love to do more of it.


Fee x


Unknown said...

It's a great idea Fee, I wish I could do it. I love the cushion in the colours you are using for your own cushion :-) xo


Me encanta!!! que bonito!!!!!

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Lovely cushions.