Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Friend

Are you on Instagram ?  Harry has his very own account and regularly posts photo's and videos of himself.  You can find him @harrythemanx.  He certainly does know how to relax doesn't he ?

I recently made a new friend who has become a very dear friend.  She has a massive love of all things Tilda just like me so we get along famously !  She recently arrived with a beautifully wrapped gift for me.  Wrapped and adorned with Tilda of course.

And this is what was inside.

It is stunningly gorgeous isn't it ?  Thank you so much Karen.  I will cherish it always.

My cats have a sleeping bag.  I will leave you today with this image of Harry trying to get inside with Boo ......  He is such a rascal !

Hugs - Fee xx


Melody said...

Adore seeing your delightful pets. Such a gorgeous present too. Hope you are safe from the floods.

Julie said...

That is absolutely beautiful ... I think my heart would stop if I received a beautifully wrapped parcel like that. I sure would not want to open it with such a gorgeous wrapping. And such a wonderful gift inside too :-)

Mrs A. said...

Harry is adorable. I love your Tilda heart too. What a lovely surprise gift to receive. Hugs Mrs A. W