Friday, May 27, 2016

4 weeks ........

I have no idea where the last 4 weeks have gone.  It seems to have passed by in a flash.

  With 3 little people in the house who eat like locusts home baking doesn't last too long.

But I enjoy baking for them and I love the fact that everything I make for them has no preservatives or nasty chemicals and is completely natural including my raspberry jam.  

A little update on Harry - He is doing really well.  He is growing so fast and weighs over 4 kilograms now.  Not bad for a little sick disabled kitty eh ? He went into hospital last week to have his little boy operation.  He is just fine and is none the wiser.

I haven't really felt like sewing very much but I did get this Sally Giblin wall hanging done.

It's a sample for a local shop.  I really enjoyed making it

I think I need to make one for myself for ATVL (After the Visitors Leave) when I plan to re-decorate.

I hope I don't leave it as long to blog again. 

Have a lovely weekend.


Fee xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Fee you are amazing and a real inspiration,i admire you so much ,you never complain and you are always on the go.
you are such an awesome nana and mum,wife for making your food homemade so no nasty chemicals,well done my friend and i hope you feel much better and i hope your day is a good one :)

Chrissie said...

Lovely when the family eat everything that you bake, happy tums. Love Harry, we have a furry just like him in his colouring, special. Good luck with you tests xcx

Leanne said...

I have locusts in my house to Fee, they ate 20 muffins I baked in 2 days.