Friday, May 27, 2016

4 weeks ........

I have no idea where the last 4 weeks have gone.  It seems to have passed by in a flash.

  With 3 little people in the house who eat like locusts home baking doesn't last too long.

But I enjoy baking for them and I love the fact that everything I make for them has no preservatives or nasty chemicals and is completely natural including my raspberry jam.  

A little update on Harry - He is doing really well.  He is growing so fast and weighs over 4 kilograms now.  Not bad for a little sick disabled kitty eh ? He went into hospital last week to have his little boy operation.  He is just fine and is none the wiser.

I haven't really felt like sewing very much but I did get this Sally Giblin wall hanging done.

It's a sample for a local shop.  I really enjoyed making it

I think I need to make one for myself for ATVL (After the Visitors Leave) when I plan to re-decorate.

I hope I don't leave it as long to blog again. 

Have a lovely weekend.


Fee xx