Thursday, April 7, 2016


Thanks for all of the lovely messages and the welcome back.  Lots and lots has happened in the past 12 weeks including having 3 of my grand children and their parents move in with us whilst they save to buy their very own home.

It is so difficult for young families these days to pay child care fees, rent, both work and also save to buy a home.  They just find themselves chasing their tails and not really getting anywhere.  We offered for our oldest daughter Sam, her partner Tom and the 3 grand children to move in with us so they can save and buy their own home.

They moved in over Easter and now I get to go to bed with grand baby snuggles and wake up with them.  What a treat !

It's meant a few compromises for us all including hubby and I creating a bed sit room which we sit in and sleep in as well as being part office and sewing room as well.  We quite like being in the smaller space and have our privacy and time together still.  It seems to be working well.

I also get to make some memories with the grandies like propagating and planting their very own aloe vera plants recently.

They are having fun watching them grow.  

Another development is that Josh has begun to play wheelchair basketball as well as Aussie Rules Football.  He is in Victoria at the moment representing the state in Aussie Rules.  They play their first game today and I am anxiously waiting to hear how he goes.  He is such an inspiration my boy - Never lets anything get him down.  He makes me so proud.

I'm off now to visit with my cousin and to take her a very special gift.


Fee xx


Christine M said...

I bet you're enjoying having your family there. Good luck to Josh. I didn't know they have wheelchair Aussie rules.

Unknown said...

Josh is a inspiration to us all, good luck to him and his team. Enjoy having your family with you, the grandies grow up so quickly xo

Helen said...

Enjoy this special time with your family, they all grow up so quickly. What an inspiration Josh is, fantastic !!!

Maria said...

Sew nice to help your DD and family while also enjoying the GCs and building great memories...
Good luck Josh...

Melody said...

No wonder you are proud of Josh, he is a hero and very inspiring. Lovely to have family so close. You are such a wonderful caring person, Fee. I admire you very much too.