Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some Sewing, Baking, A Visitor and a Lemon Tree

Did you pop by Jenny's blog yesterday to grab her free block ?  Here is my version.  I am using scraps from my scrap bin as I am on a craft buying freeze at the moment and want to try and use what I have as much as I can.  

 I love the simplicity of the design.  Jenny truly has a beautiful style.  I can feel my mojo creeping back so get ready for an influx of sewing photographs in the coming weeks.

Hubby and I do have a small slush fund by saving our gold coins.  We had no real purpose for them for the interim but decided to lash out and buy ourselves a lemon tree.  I couldn't believe how expensive they are - $60 !  I shall look after it extra well.

But it already has 7 lemons on it so it looks like it's going to repay us almost instantly with some fruit.

We also bought some lettuce seedlings.  It will be great to just pick some lettuce as we need it.

Whilst I was picking apricots I found I had a blue tongue lizard as a visitor.  It was terrified of me and slid under the rabbit fence into the vegetable patch.  Boy it was fat !  Maybe it is expecting? I may have lots of little lizards around the veggy patch soon.

Morning Tea this week has been extra special with these melting moments on the menu - Some people know them as yo yo's.  It has been many years since I have made them but it won't be too much longer before I make them again - They are delicious !  And have no eggs so even better for the weekly budget.

Little Harry is continuing to grow.  He runs around really well considering his back half is twisted when he walks and runs - He seems to lead a full life.  He will be off to the vet next week for a check up and a vaccination.  He has become an office kitty and sleeps at my feet under the desk.  He is a real time waster as we love to sit and play and have little cuddles.

Have a great day.  I'm off this morning to take Toby to the doggy hairdresser for a well overdue hair cut.


Fee x


Christine M said...

You block looks lovely Fee. I thinking about using my charm pack of Scrumptious for these but haven't decided yet. Yours looks very pretty. I can understand little Harry being a time waster!

Julie said...

Jennys block looks wonderful Fee . .. you have reminded me to go & download it. I too, love her work. You have also reminded me of yo yo's - My Mum used to make delicous ones. I might have to dig out her recipe. Pleased to see little Harry looking so well & contented. Nearly fell off my computer chair at the price of lemon trees in your area though !!!!

Wendyb said...

love how you've made Jen's block your own Fee! Loving the yellow too! Can't believe the price of the lemon tree...thought it had to be a typo for a minute! my do they justify it!?! Furbabies are justifiably worth every second of time wasted, don't you think!
xoxox big hugs
Wendy :o)


Precioso trabajo y preciosas tus fotos, besos


Precioso trabajo y preciosas tus fotos, besos

Rosie said...

Of course I love Jenny's blocks, can't stop stitching them myself! Love the lemon tree and aren't you lucky to have so much fruit.

Richard C. Lambert said...

I'm "Cutting Corners" today over at Riley Blake Designs where you'll find some tips for sewing with knits. They have just wrapped up a "Knit Love" blog tour with some fabulous projects to try best heavy duty sewing machine

SallyB said...

Where can we find the recipe for the Yo Yo's you mentioned? They look soooo good!