Thursday, January 7, 2016


I am not a photography expert or a lighting specialist and even though I have a good camera - I rarely use it.  Instead I use my Iphone.  So yesterday I needed to set up a photography area for the new business.  It's going to be important that the treasures I find are photographed as best I can.

It's hard to get good light here in Tassie but I think between 2 different areas I have set up I should be okay to take fairly good photographs throughout the year. 

I am starting to get a few things together for props too - It's going to be fun !  An old cane basket, a wooden apple crate, a rusty old tin and this louvre door.  Of course I always have lovely linens and lace too.

I am totally in love with this cameo choker which will be one of the very first treasures I offer for sale in March when I launch the business.  I took some lovely photographs of it yesterday.  I just hope I can resist the urge to keep it.  That is going to be one of the biggest dangers with unearthing beautiful treasures - Letting them go !  I will try my very hardest.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you of Boo and Dreamer curled up together.  They are such great mates and obviously snuck away on their own for a quick nap - They babysit Harry most of the day and are ever so patient with him.


Fee x


Cath said...

Lovely photo's and I love props! I am constantly on the lookout for props and bringing stuff home that we don't necessarily need...drives my hubs crazy!! Had no idea you were a fellow Tasmanian...I love to discover local bloggers

Barb said...

Looks like you are going to have some wonderful photos...