Friday, January 8, 2016

A Diagnosis for Harry

  Harry has learnt to climb on the cutting table.  There is just no stopping this little guy.  

He now has an official diagnosis - Spina Bifida.  I had a really good chat to my old vet who is now retired but ever so knowledgeable so we now know what we are dealing with.  Let's pray that he has no more nerve damage and can lead a full active life.

Have a great day.




KaHolly said...

He's a beautiful, beautiful kitty! I never heard of a cat with spina bifida! He's in a good home! XO

Jan said...

He's such an adorable wee chap, Fee. And I bet he knows how lucky he is.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Little Prince Harry couldn't have found a better nurse than you, Fee.

Kylie said...

Little Harry is just way too cute!


For a little one with leg problems he sure is a happy guy--and he probably doesn't even know he is different and it sure doesn't look like he is letting it slow him down any!! Thanks for loving him and caring for him-enjoy your days of rest--
love, di

Jeanette said...

Harry is so cute. So glad you gave him a furever home Fee. He sure doesn't let his leg problems slow him down. Keep those photo's coming. Hugs,xx

Melody said...

Harry is very blessed that you found him, sweet Fee