Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Last week on a local for sale site I discovered these handmade Christmas trees from pallet timber for just $15.00.

I purchased one and have it ready to paint and shabby up a little.  That's my job for today.

Yesterday I managed to pop into a thrift shop and found this sweet little roses jug.  It is very shabby and perfect for next year's project.

I went to the specialist and have been booked to have a day surgery procedure on my neck on the 22nd December.  I am looking forward to it because it will hopefully help to relieve some of my pain.

I'll leave you today with another cute Harry photograph.  I am totally besotted !

Have a great day.


Fee xx


Julie said...

I think one of those christmas trees would definately have had to come home with me too Fee :-) I hope your surgery brings you some relief from your neck pain - I broke my neck up high (C2) 14 years ago & it still troubles me lots of the time from the scar tissue. Little Harry is totally gorgeous - can see why you are so besotted. He looks like he is quite happy living with his new family.

Susan said...

fingers crossed for the surgery...hope it really helps you... love the tree..and of course the puddy cat...