Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's A Wrap

 Well what a week it's been.  An emotional roller coaster but also one of trying to get on with it as there is nothing else you can do .........  

I managed to do a little work in the garden planting the new tomato seedlings and making a cover for the garden beds to keep the birds away.  I also picked some flowers to pretty up the house and made a little potting area so that everything is in one place and I can finally play around with some plant cuttings.

On the shopping front I bought the specials from the supermarkets this week and had that fruitful trip to the wholesalers.

I received a few "blessings" this week with the gift of recipe books, tomato seedlings and herb breads.  I did some baking and managed to add to the freezer with rissoles and lasagna.  

And the biggy this week was the finishing off of my 2 upcycled pieces of furniture.  Even though it wrecked me for a couple of days I am so pleased with them.  

We weighed Rocky this week to in anticipation for his 1st birthday on Tuesday.  He weighs a whopping 45.7kgs already !!

We also rescued this little fellow.  He is a farm yard manx that we saw at the produce store for sale.

  He has a spinal and leg disability and is only about 4 - 5 weeks old.  We just couldn't leave him there.  It's been a struggle for the past few days as he was dehydrated, unable to toilet and unable to eat but finally we have him lapping wombaroo milk (The closest to mother's milk on the market) and he licks Nutrigel from our fingers (A high energy vitamin paste).  Last night we were so excited that he used the litter tray.  He is off to the vets tomorrow but we already know that he has one leg that won't work and the other is suspect.  Please pray that he is not in any sort of pain and that he can lead a fulfilling life with the disabilities he has.  We are prepared to give him a loving home and he will want for nothing just as long as he is not in any sort of pain.

His name is Harry and we love him so much already.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Fee x


Julie said...

Bless you Fee for rescuing Harry & giving him a wonderful home. I have two rescued cats (both were feral) & they make the most wonderful members of our family. Do keep us posted on Harrys progess & hope it all works out for you all.

Melody said...

You have such a kind heart. Your four legged friends, both big and tiny are adorable.

Two Patchwork Bunnies said...

Oh, what a sweetie you are - Harry looks happy already and a dear little companion for your HUGE puppy!!! Cheers, Sarah White

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Fee your garden looks lovely.

Lady Jane said...

I hope harry receives a good result. He is so adorable. You are wonderful to him. Hugs, LJ

Michelle Ridgway said...

I pray Harry has a good outcome and enjoys a loving home with you. What a lad is your Rocky! So handsome.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

He's a blessed boy. xx