Friday, December 4, 2015

In the Kitchen

 Last weekend I was kindly given these tomato seedlings.  They are very healthy and are a large yielding variety.  They are now safely planted in the vegetable garden with the more advanced tomatoes.

As it was getting towards the end of the fortnight I thought I had better use up what was left of the apples in the fruit bowl.  I flicked through my recipe books and decided on apple tea cakes.  

I had enough apples to make two.

I sent one home with my oldest daughter, Samantha for her children's school lunches.

I picked some of the silver beet from the garden

And added it to the pot with some beef mince, carrot, pasta and rice for our dogs to add to their fresh meat each night.

They love it and it's really good for them.

Earlier in the week I went to the wholesalers to get some more canned tomatoes for Tomato Chutney (our stocks are low and we will run out before our tomato crop is ready) and some shredded cheese and glace cherries for our Christmas cakes.  

Whilst I was there I found a 5kg box of Primo (our favourite brand) of bacon for just $33 and puff pastry packs for $2.50 (perfect for sausage rolls and left over pies)  and also some little cocktail  sausages for $2 per pack (500g) - Even though they weren't in the budget they were great buys and as I have plenty of freezer space they came home with me.

I stopped off at our local thrift shop on the way home and found this HUGE boiler for $12 - It will be perfect for jam making.

Whilst I was there I was given a pack of 6 Garlic and Herb flat breads that had just been dropped off by a bakery.  I have frozen them individually.

And I purchased 2 kilograms of beef mince.  Half of it I have used to make beef rissoles for the freezer.

I freeze them in layers in a plastic tub so that I can remove how many we need at anytime.  

And I made a Beef Lasagna with the other half.  This is for dinner tonight but half of it will be put in the freezer for a quick easy meal in the coming weeks.  Our freezer is looking very healthy at the moment.

I finally feel as if I am getting on top of things today.  Although I have been really tired with another increase in medication but my pain levels have been reasonable so that is a BIG bonus.  

And finally I have had some good news regarding our future.  It is a small step but one in the right direction I think.  Hopefully I can tell you a little more in a week or so once things are confirmed.


Fee xx


Christine M said...

You have been busy, Fee. I love your pin cushion. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Christine xx

Melody said...

Wow you achieved so much, a very healthy freezer indeed.

Deb R said...

Nothing like a full freezer :)