Monday, December 14, 2015

Hobart Farmer's Market

Yesterday we went to the weekly Hobart Farmer's Market which is located in a street in the city which is closed down for the day to accommodate the abundance of Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Plants, Flowers and Hot Food stalls that come along each week to sell their wares.

Everything is direct from the farmer and in most cases picked that morning or the night before.  It is all so fresh and keeps amazingly well.  

Peonie roses have been in flower for quite a few weeks and look amazing.  I refrained from buying some as I am on a tight budget.

The market opens at 8.30am and the crowds milling around at 8.30 are amazing.  Especially this time of the year when customers are seeking small fruits and berries.

You can also purchase organically grown plants and seedlings.  I have my eye on those rhubarb crowns you can see in the picture.  They are $12 but are the old fashioned variety.  I am writing one of those plants in my budget for this week !!  I just love rhubarb.

So here is what we purchased.  5kg of Jam raspberries at $10 per kg.  We eat these raspberries as well as make Jam.  There is nothing wrong with them at all but they are just a little more mushy than the premium grade one's which are double that price.  I make jam at just 1kg at a time throughout the year so 4 packs of these will go to the freezer for later in the year.  If I can afford anymore next week I will try to get some more.  

We also bought Garlic, Salad Greens, Zucchini, Cherries and Gooseberries.  My grandmother used to make the most amazing gooseberry pie so this week I will try to make one.  The grower told me that I could freeze the berries whole that I do not want to use straight away.  The growers are always so helpful with information about their products.

The cherries this time of the year are just amazing !  So sweet, plump and addictive !

I have to tell you that the bowl is almost empty today.  But we have enjoyed eating them.

Today I begin a 3 day Feasibility and Market Research program on my business idea.  This phase will determine if I go on with the program and receive the funding to proceed so wish me luck.


Fee xx


Melody said...

Good luck. We went to our local farmers market on Sunday too. Grabbed some gorgeous cherries too.

Two Patchwork Bunnies said...

How wonderful to have a Farmer's Market - the fruit and veggies look so yummy!

Rosie said...

Don't know how you resisted the roses Fee! and the cherries....yum yum!