Monday, November 30, 2015

We are Blessed

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time reading one of my favourite "go to" books.  There is so much that is relevant to our life and I never fail to pick up some tips.  The number one priority for me in the coming weeks is to make some washing detergent once my current stock of powder is used up.

My brother and sister in law visited last week and gifted me with a complete set of a weekly publication they collected in the 1970's.  There are 112 parts to this set.  I was thrilled to receive them and instantly started to flick through the pages.  There will be lots I can use amongst the covers of these.

They also gifted me this lovely pile of books also.  I have a nice collection of recipe books and these will be a great addition.

Our tomatoes and growing well and have got to the stage of fruit beginning to form and in need of staking.

So whilst I was on the job I decided to make a net cage to protect the ripening tomatoes from the local bird population

I just tied pieces of timber to one another and then draped the netting over.  It should hold out for the summer and do the job.

We planted some raspberry canes this year too.  The plants are not overly big but they are already beginning to form fruit

Which should be enough to cover the pavlova on Christmas day

So I covered them in netting as well to ensure that my fruit is not stolen by the birds

One of my jobs for this week will be to pick all of this silver beet and cook and freeze.  It is starting to go to seed and I do not want to waste it.  We don't actually eat it but do use it in the meat stews we make for the dogs.

One of the simple pleasures in life I believe is to walk outside and pick a bunch of flowers to display in my home.

How very blessed are we?


Fee xx


Michelle Ridgway said...

Enjoy your lovely books. My poor tomatoes are struggling with the heat. How wonderful to have fresh raspberries to look forward too x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Very blessed. xx

Jan said...

Your Christmas pav will be extra-special this year, Fee! Your vege garden looks good. We're pleased with our efforts here - lettuce, beetroot, tomatoes plus extra toms and some zucchini that began growing in the compost. We have a little space left, not sure what we'll plant there. We grew garlic this year for the first time - it did well - and the herb garden is flourishing, as always. I too love Rhonda Hetzel's book; it's so sensible and helpful. I always use her recipe for laundry liquid, and her soap recipe, and made condensed milk yesterday for the first time, also from this book. Doing our bit for the household budget and the environment is really satisfying. Happy days to you.