Friday, November 27, 2015

My Sewing Space and Some Old Fashioned Baking

Today I thought I would show you a few little corners of my sewing studio.  It is my safe haven from the world.  A place where I can come to create whatever my heart desires.  Fortunately it is well stocked from a period in my life when I had much more disposable $$ that my addiction soon soaked up.  But at least now I reap the rewards of having lots of pretty fabrics and accessories to play with.

Fortunately when my husband retired 3 years ago his gift to me was my Janome Horizon which lovingly holds pride of place in my messy corner.  I lovingly cover her up after each use to protect her from the dust.  She has rewarded me with continuous loyal service.

I have a number of shelves in my studio which hold lots of little knick knacks.  Some I have thrifted and some I have been gifted but all hold a special place in my heart and are on display for all to see.

Last weekend I made Scones for afternoon Tea.  My husband was up the back of the property with his dogs so I texted him this picture.  It wasn't very long before he arrived in the house - The lure of food, Real Cream and Homemade Raspberry Jam !!  The scones cost around $1.00 for a batch of 12.  Super cheap and Super Yummy !

That same weekend we had to attend a mini family reunion of my husbands cousins and needed to take a plate.  I decided on making sausage rolls accompanied by my homemade chutney.  I made a double batch so that we now have some in the freezer ready for a quick snack when required.  I remember these being one of my favourites as a child that my grandma used to make regularly.

It cost around $12 for approximately 60 good sized sausage rolls.  You cannot beat home made for quality or cheapness.  A similar sized sausage roll at our local bakery would be in the vicinty of $1.50 - That would make it a $90 batch.  You just can't compare can you ?

I like to always have some biscuits or cake on hand for morning teas and for when we have visitors pop by.  This week I made anzac biscuits.  They are just so easy to make (and even easier in the thermomix).

The entire batch of 20 biscuits cost just $2.35 + 10 minutes of electricity.

A wonderful cheap treat with NO PRESERVATIVES, ADDITIVES etc and super affordable.

The wonderful benefits of home baking.  What are your family's favourite home made biscuits?  I am looking for inspiration to fill the cake tins for next week.


Fee xx


Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Your sewing room is so neat. Lots of lovely cooking. Home made always tastes better.

KaHolly said...

Those sausage rolls look scrumptious! So does your sewing space! I got a new Janome Horizon last summer and I absolutely love it!

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Fee! Home made sausage rolls are one of my go-to's for 'bring a plate' events. I make up my Grandma's secret meatloaf recipe, which is HUGE and take half for the meatload (enough to feed 4-6 people) and divide the rest into 3 rolls, wrap them in plastic and freeze them. Then when I need a quick shared plate, I thaw them, wrap each roll in a sheet of puff pastry, cut to size and bake. Very economical and YUMMO!! The fave bikkie recipe is delish and makes about 8-9 dozen bikkies. The original is choc chip, but I love it with currents or craisins. Can't beat home cooked ... it's why I'll never have a career as a bikini model! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bon appetite! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

Christine M said...

You're making me feel hungry, Fee! What a lovely sewing room you have.

KatieQ said...

The sausage rolls look so yummy they make me want to reach through the screen to take a bite. It would be wonderful if you would share the recipe.