Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mother Nature's Gift + Some Preparation

When I wandered around the garden a few days ago I discovered an amazing gift from Mother Nature.  Blackberries which are seen as a pest have been growing in my back garden off and on for years.  The seeds are dropped by birds and so the cycle goes.  We normally spot them and remove them as they are very prickly and hard to handle.  Obviously the wet and hot alternating conditions we have had recently have been perfect for the old blackberry and it has flourished !

The amount of blooms on the vine which is enormous means it is going to be a plentiful crop.  I am imagining Blackberry and Apple pies as we speak !

The only problem is that the birds usually feast on them before they are ripe.  But I have foiled their plans.

My brother who has been doing a bit of yard work for us lately has draped some bird netting over them so we can reap the rewards of mother natures gift before the birds get them.  So I will be making blackberry jam and many more delicacies in the coming weeks. Now that is taking frugal to the limits.  I didn't even plant them or have given them no care but I am going to get a bumper crop for FREE.  Thank you Mother Nature !!

I managed to clean out that corner cupboard yesterday and I did find my long lost pie maker. Now we can make lots of pies for the freezer from left overs.

I made a triple batch of Butter Chicken and Rice on Monday.  Because I have a number of days each week when I am wiped out, I have decided to make extra when I cook meals so that we can eat one meal and put some in the freezer.  Rod gets dinner when I'm unwell so it will be easier for him just to reheat some left overs instead of us eating junk food or take away that we can't afford.

I thought it might be nice to make some Butter Chicken pies.  They look delicious !

So now we have 2 Tubs of Butter Chicken and Rice in the freezer as well as 4 pies.  I am pretty pleased with that effort.

Whilst I had some energy and a reasonably good pain day I decided to keep up my kitchen adventures and make some more tomato ketchup.  I use it in place of tomato paste when cooking.  It is totally wholesome and full of flavour.  I make it from the recipe on the Thermomix chip with a few slight adaptions to suit our taste.

So now I have a nice big tub of tomato ketchup in the fridge ready to use.

My antics caused me to have to have a big nanna nap and some extra pills but I was pretty pleased with my efforts.  Today will be a much easier day with maybe a little stitching and some quite time.


Fee x

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