Thursday, November 26, 2015

Calendar Girl

When my dear friend Jenny told me about her plans to create a Year in The Garden Stitchery Set  I just couldn't get the Neil Sedaka song out of my head - "Calendar Girl" 

When she showed me the drawings I just knew that I had to stitch it.

My plan is to use some pretty pastel fabrics to sash each block

And then make the quilt up as a wall hanging for my bedroom wall

Each month is a delightful drawing with an abundance of flowers

Some months also have Jenny's signature birdy too

When Jenny was drawing my birthday month "April" she asked what my favourite flower was.  I said Roses of course and so she included roses in her April block.

Stitching has become important therapy for me lately and I am enjoying stitching these blocks so much !  They bring me so much joy.

I am currently stitching "March" so will show you just as soon as I get it done.

If you want to stitch along too you can join Jenny's Stitchery Club as these will be released to club members - All of the information is HERE.

I apologise if you have come to the end of the blog post and are still humming the tune.  If it's any consolation it is still in my head every time I stitch a block.

Have a wonderful day.


Fee xx


Melody said...

You are doing a wonderful job with Jenny's delightful designs. I can't wait to stitch it too.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I only just got rid of the tune, and now you've made me think of it again! Lucky I love you so much! LOL!!
You're stitching my designs BEAUTIFULLY...sublime. xx

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Fee they are going to look great