Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christmas is coming

The weather is beginning to be more reliable as we draw closer to Christmas here in Australia which means closer to Summer.  The warmer weather and the filling of shelves in the stores with Christmas goodies always makes me think about my favourite book.

Each year I read it again.  I just love it.  Have you read it?  If not do yourself a favour and buy yourself a copy to read this year.  It's inexpensive to purchase and  I am certain you will enjoy it.

In the Christmas Spirit I have also released a Christmas Stitchery Set.  The little kit comes with Fabric, Thread and Iron on Transfer for just $10 over in the STORE or you can purchase it on CRAFTSY for just $2.50

I've been spending a bit of time doing some upcycling too and turned these egg cups and plates

Aren't they cute ?

And I've purchased some more plants for the garden.  These are Pelargoniums - They are so pretty.

And today I have purchased some road side home grown strawberries for dessert tonight - There is just nothing better than NON supermarket produce.

 And last week we helped my grandmother celebrate her 91st birthday.  My grand mother taught me to knit and sew.  My happiest childhood memories are of time spent with her on her self sufficient property.  She was such a hard worker, wonderful cook and made everything from scratch.  Up until a few months ago nan was still 10 pin bowling.  She isn't well at the moment so is taking it easy - But at 91 she is entitled to.

Until next time,


Fee xx


KERYN B said...

Bless your Grandma, what an amazing woman.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your Nana Fee, my Hubby's Nana turned 100 this year and was living on her own until she turned 97. They deserve to take things easy now. Maybe we will be lucky enough to be as good as these ladies when we get to their age. :-) Warm Wishes Lizzi xo

KaHolly said...

Your gram is beautiful! She may not be feeling well, but she looks great for 91! Hope, if I live that long, I'm as active as she has been!