Saturday, August 15, 2015

A diagnosis

It's been over a month since I last blogged - Please forgive me.  I have plenty of excuses though.


I finally have a health diagnosis !  After a lifetime of issues and false diagnosis I finally have a reason for all of my issues including the recent discovery of multiple joints having worn out - I have EDS - Type III Hypermobility Syndrome which has developed to a point of not being able to avoid or fix a lot of my issues but at least now we can work towards getting some management in place.  We are working on some of the major issues first so my visits to doctors and surgeons etc will not cease but somehow I feel slightly better having my issues labelled !!

I've been pretty busy in the sewing room.  A few new designs have been finished including some wool embroidery.  This one is for an upcoming Australian magazine.  I've also been working on some ongoing projects as well as some new ones

Including a sampler quilt designed by Helen Stubbings which will be released as a STITCH ALONG in cyber land really soon.  It will give sewers the opportunity to use her iron on english paper piecing shapes.  I have to admit to being very sceptical about them but after using them in the past week or so I am almost sold !

 It is so much easier leaving the papers in as they are made from a water soluble paper.

I've almost finished one corner of the quilt so as soon as I have it together I'll show you.

And I've popped into the odd op shop for a spot of treasure hunting.  These are from my visit to one last week.  I love the sandwich plate and the forks are just gorgeous with a gold and silver tone.

And I made a trip to the newly refurbished local K Mart - Who knew about all of the lovely cheap home wares they now sell ????  OMG so many lovely things.  This stand I think was $12 and these large plastic tubs with lids are perfect for storing large ongoing projects inside for just $8 each. I will be re-visiting again really soon.

And I've also issued a challenge over on my Facebook Tilda Lovers site to win 24 Fat Quarters from the 2 new soon to be released ranges.  Pop over to the group to join up and find out how to win them.

Hopefully it won't take me as long to blog again.


Fee x


Fiona said...

Hello Fee,I do like blog reading so great to see your post full of all sorts... I think you are right to be pleased tohave a diagnosis so you can start managing it.... hope it's not all too bad...xx lovely sewing and I didn't know aobut Tilda lovers so will pop off there... does anybody not love tilda???

Susan said...

I imagine having a name does help a lot...all the best managing all those issues.
I know I'm strange ...never been a huge fan of tilda but this latest range has me im off to check out your facebook group...thanks.

Helen said...

Hi Fee what a relief to finally have an answer at least. Hopefully it can now be managed somewhat. I hope you finally start to get some relief. Love your hexies and will look forward to the sew along. Hope you have a great week.:)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Really sorry to hear about your health problems, but am glad they will somewhat be able to help you manage them. Gentle hugs from Texas.

KaHolly said...

So happy to see you today. I hope you are better able to manage your discomfort now that you finally have a diagnosis. You've been very brave. Loving your projects.

Tarnyia said...

Love catching up with your blog, always heaps of prettiness to check out. Lots of progress in your vegi patch too. EDS - Type III Hypermobility Syndrome, my family suffers from this as well. I didn't know to much about it until my cousins in England told me how they suffer with it and it is affecting their kids now is varying degrees. They have said there is more research being done into the syndrome in the UK. Some of my health issues seem to follow along these lines also, now that I have more information about it via my cousin I think my GP will be interested. Sorry to hear you suffer from it, at least you now know and can sort out your health a little more..... hugs xxxxx