Monday, June 29, 2015

A Productive Weekend

The weather has warmed a little and we are settled on around 11 degrees during the day at the moment which is a welcomed change.  My oldest Son IL finished off the vegetable garden area for us late in the week.  We have now mulched the soil and are waiting on some manure to make up a nice potent mix ready for planting towards spring time.  Hopefully this will be a nice easy area to look after with a few containers added for planting.

I am not able to do what I used to do in the garden anymore.  It has been hard to come to grips with that fact but I have finally succumbed to asking for help.  After many many years (most of my life really) of pain and illness I am on the cusp of a diagnosis finally.  I have a bone scan later this week and then back to the specialist in a few weeks for my final diagnosis.  I know where it's heading and even though I am not happy about it - It does answer a lot of the riddles of my health especially in the past 10 years.  

We are great lovers of raspberries in this household so we bought some raspberry plants so we can have our own home grown ones in summer.

My youngest SIL was kind enough to dig me a garden bed for them and plant them and then mulch them.  We are looking forward to watching them grow.

Whilst all of this was going on I was busy in the kitchen whipping up a couple of batches of my Tomato Chutney (Relish).  It has taken awhile to change and adapt my original recipe so that it can be cooked in the thermomix but after my 4th batch I think I have it down pat now.  I will share the recipe later in the week.

And I spent some quite time finishing off my Nature's Journey June blocks for the Stitch A Long so I can now say that I am up to date - YEEHAAAA !!

Today I am working on some swap gifts for some Instagram swaps I am in and I am going to sneak off to the local Op Shop for a little treasure hunt fix.  It's been so long !

Have a great week.

Hugs - Fee xxxx

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boy It's Been Cold

I suppose it's silly to expect anything less considering that we are in WINTER  but boy it's been cold !

Our vegetable garden is looking very unloved and definitely in winter mode !

Due to a medical condition I have been unable to give it any love.

My son in law came to the rescue last weekend.  We bought some raised vegetable garden beds so that I can tend to them much easier and he completely cleared everything out and has begun to pine mulch the rest with a heavy builders plastic underneath to kill off the protruding weeds.  I will be able to container plant on top of this.  He will finish off the task later this week.  It is looking amazing.

Here are a few pics to show you how cold it has been down here in southern Tassie.  It was -3 when I took Amy to the school bus on Monday morning.

And this was the new vegetable patch area at 7am.  Covered in icy frost.

Just looking at it makes you feel cold.  It is a balmy 10 degrees celcius here today though so practically summer LOL

I spent some time over the weekend finishing off the MAY blocks for Nature's Journey.  I have begun work on the June blocks and hope that I am able to be done by next Tuesday which marks the end of the month.  Fingers crossed I can make the deadline.

Thank you for all of the lovely comments and e-mails.  I am slowly working my way through them.

I have a few important appointments this week.  Hopefully once they are over we can make some firm decisions about our future.


Fee xx

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Last night I snuggled up under a quilt and stitched along with friends during the June FNSI

I finished half of my blocks for "May" in Nature's Journey

And I almost finished another Lucy Boston Block.

It was a great night and it felt great to be back amongst friends.


Fee x

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's been over 2 months

It's been over 2 months since I have written on my blog.  It's been a pretty awful time but I will chat to you about all of that another time.

I thought it was about time that I pulled my socks up and began blogging again - If only for my own sanity!

I have been stitching away on my United Stitches Blocks - I am currently stitching my 10th Block.  I am also stitching away on my Lucy Boston Blocks and working my way through Nature's Journey although I am still working on May's Blocks.

I have not completed any UFO's but I am still pleased with my progress considering how unkind life has been lately.

I am joining in Wendy's Friday Night Sew In tonight.

I'll be working on another Lucy Boston Block and a little more stitchery on my United Stitches block.

Want to join in too ?

Until next time (I promise it won't be too long this time)


Fee XX