Friday, January 9, 2015

Making Myself Accountable

This year I made myself a diary cover for my A4 sized diary.  I figured with running a household and being at school full time that I am going to need it.  I used a stitchery from Jenny of Elefantz and some gorgeous Ambleside fabric to make a removable cover.  I just love it !  It will also help me to keep some of the sewing commitments I have made to myself for the year.

Part of finding and keeping my sewing mojo has been the desire to create handmade gifts for the year and to complete some of the projects I have either bought and never started or have begun but never finished.  

We all make promises to ourselves every year of what we will and won't do but sometimes we need to be made accountable just a little.  

One of the web sites helping people to get some UFO finishes is ALL PEOPLE QUILT.  They designed a downloadable sheet which you are asked to list 12 projects onto.  This is by no means my complete list of items - Just 12 I have chosen from the many I have.

The first Monday in each month a number is drawn and that is the project that you work on for the month and try to get finished.

This month Number 4 was drawn which on my list is Chick Jubilee

Luckily for me this is probably one of the more advanced projects I have as a UFO.  I have 8 blocks almost completed so I have just one block and the borders to go.

I have been a good girl and have prepped the final block ready for hand stitching.  Hopefully I can get it done in the next week or so giving me plenty of time to get the borders done.

Temptation won over sanity this past week when I fell in love with this new design by Anni Downs.  Isn't it gorgeous?

There is a Stitch A Long  happening in Blogland where a large group of ladies are making it together - One month at a time.  I have decided to join in.  I think it will be quite achievable for me and in years to come will remind me of my own journey so I thought it would be quite fitting.  I am determined that this won't be another UFO at the end of the year - It will be a quilted and bound finish.

Last Year I fell in love with a range of fabric by Sue Daley called RASPBERRY PARLOUR.  There is just something about pink and red together and I just had to have it.  Luckily it was whilst I was still working so I indulged and purchased quite a bit for my stash.  Once it arrived I proudly displayed it on my shelves until a project worthy of it came along.  

Once I saw Anni's new design I knew exactly which fabrics I would be using for it.  

It's a perfect match don't you think?


Fee x


Deb said...

Oh Fee your Chick Jubilee is just absolutely beautiful. So sweet. You are going to have a busy year with your nursing but you will blossom I am sure. I know how much I enjoyed my teaching degree when I went to university at 40.It's great because it will be your turn to say "It's all about me."

Susan said...

Love your little chicks and the raspberry fabric will be stunning for the SAL.

Baa. xxx said...


Wendyb said...

gorgeous my lovely! I think it looks JUST right! Your diary is perfect too...isn't Jen a clever girl? Thanks for the direction to the UFO challenge....I'm taking this one on board! Heaven knows, I need it! :)