Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Frugal vs Healthy

Since September we have tried to be frugal.  As the weeks and months roll by we are trying to be more frugal as money has become tighter and tighter.  I am not complaining at all because I do love a challenge and cooking and baking from what I have is a wonderful challenge to me and one that I enjoy.  BUT the issue that I do have is that I would like to cut down the amount of processed food we consume and to eradicate as much sugar from our diets as possible.  

Not only for weight loss ( I need to lose 1/3rd of my body weight) but for good health.  The alternatives from processed food to good healthy food such as dried fruits, nuts, nut meals etc are so expensive. Luckily I did buy a number of luxuries like cacao, hazelnuts and cashews when I had a big stock up before being made redundant but replacing them is going to be an issue moving forward.

When I flick through the online supermaket catalogues every Wednesday morning to find the specials on products we use I am astounded at how cheap "Junk Food" is.  It is no wonder that Australia has an obesity problem when junk is cheap and good plain healthy staples cost an arm and a leg.

So back to my dilemma ......

I don't want to follow a fad diet or make brash statements that I won't eat this or that (I have done that in the past).  The biggest issue for me is snacking !  I love nothing more than a cup of coffee and a biscuit or a piece of cake so I decided that I had best make something that I could freeze and get out the day before to snack on when the snack bug hits.  

I found a recipe by a lovely Chef, Nico Moretti for these gorgeous muffins containing Vegetables, Nuts and Cranberries and the best part is they freeze.

I changed the recipe a little to suit my tastes and made a lovely batch of them which yielded me 16 muffins which are now wrapped up individually in the freezer.  These weren't cheap to make but they make a nice treat.

I wondered if any of you had any recipes to share with me of healthy, sugarless treats that can be stored or frozen that don't cost the earth to make?  I would be grateful if you do.

Hugs - Fee xx


Tammy said...

This blogger makes "healthy" treats but the ingredients are not very frugal!

And a great blog on being frugal is "mortgage free in three" the blogger is in Scotland so some of the recipes might not be suited to your climate, however I find it great for keeping me on track now that being frugal is not such a neccassity for my household.

Bev C said...

Hello Fee,

Dried fruit actually has a high sugar count, watch out for that if you are trying to cut out sugar. Beg borrow or buy the books:
I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson and the other good one is Whole Pantry by Belle Gibson.

I have a lovely chocolate cake recipe that is made with mainly a can of red kidney beans and cocoa if you want it. I have reduced the amount of sugar it needs and the family love it.

Good luck with your cooking endeavors.

Happy days.

Quilting By Celia said...

Hi there,

I am doing exactly the same, reducing processed foods, increasing vegetables in my diet and cutting down the biscuits.
I am also trying to reduce/cut non-plant foods. I have been looking at this website for ideas and maybe you can check it out.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Hi Fee,
Doing a similar thing here. Google Sistermixin, they have lots of recipes to try, including a lovely savoury muffin recipe posted up today. I think your Thermomix will be a great help to you on your journey.

KaHolly said...

We made the switch from store bought peanut butter to hand made sunflower seed butter....pretty delish!!