Monday, January 12, 2015

Found My Mojo

I have certainly found my sewing mojo lately and have been working hard on my project for "Let's Get Stitched" in Brisbane on 6th,7th and 8th March.

If you are looking for a unique weekend full of laughter, fun and friendship then this weekend is for you.  The stitching day is on Sunday 8th and there are 7 designers to delight you !  What fun we always have.  This is our 5th year.  Contact Joy Coey of JOYPATCH if you want the information, costings and booking form.

And I've been busy cutting kits for the event.  My project is in 2 parts - I'm almost finished and am up to the yukky bit - The pattern writing !

I finished the first little heart from Bunny Hill Designs.  Isn't he gorgeous?  I'm looking forward to the next one due to be released on the 5th February.

He is made entirely from scraps.

And I made some kitchen towels as mentioned last week.  I really enjoyed making these.

They must look pretty because even Mr Fee said they were "Too Nice to Use" - That's about as close as I will get to a sewing compliment I think.

They are safely stashed away for gift giving throughout the year.  I want to try and work on 1 gift a week if I can.  Any ideas for what I should make next?
Fee x


Melody said...

Oh how I wish I were coming to Let's Get Stitched, but I know it will be too hot for me -I'll have to wait until it is in Tassie again. Love your sewing, how about some of Jenny's rubbish bag holders to match for your next gifts.

Susan said...

Those tea towel have been so popular in blog land- they are so pretty..Hubby is right - too nice to use!!
Glad your mojo is hanging around.

Deb said...

The tea towels look great Fee. Why not make hand towels for guests next, keeping with the towel theme.
Hope you had a great first day at "school". Remember-its all about you now.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Those tea towels look so good wish I
I lived closer x

Michele T said...

I loooove those kitchen towels... The colours and prints are soooo pretty!! What a great idea to make a gift a week!!!

Patricia said...

Love your heart and the towel, so pretty.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I'm sad I won't be there, but I know you girls will be having the BEST time, so party a little for me too, ok? :-)
Okay, you;re right about the hearts...that it so cute! And I really love the dash of black in the ribbon - classy.
Love ya girl!

Wendyb said...

Rod sounds so like Joe it's not funny!....compliments are always thin when it comes to stitchin! LOL Lovin your new mojo and cant wait for March! Packing the poise as we speak! LOL xox sugary hugs hon :o)

Michell said...

Love the tea towels. Looking forward to March. Finally get to meet a lot of girls I have met online in the last 10ish years. Yay!!

Lorraine W said...

He'llo Fee I just found your wonderful blog in the last couple of months. I purchased your gorgeous little card set and it is so easy to make up. I'm going through your blog posts from 2014 onwards, a treasure trove of beauty and crafting ideas. I love your tea towels. Could you please tell me are they made from quilting cotton fabric and please could you tell me the dimensions?
This would be an ideal make to include in your weekly gifts for the year.
I can't tell you how inspiring your blog is! It's given me my mojo back! Thanks to your dear friend Jenny for adding the link to you.
With my very best wishes,
Lorraine 💕💁