Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Like a Squirrel

As time goes on I feel like I am becoming more and more like my grandmother.  I have been collecting lots of lovely glass jars for bottling, jams and storage.  My pantry is beginning to look like hers with sauces, relishes and jams brimming from the shelves. 
We are on a very tight budget these days but I still want to ensure that our family eats good quality food without all of the preservatives and chemicals in commercial products.  My heart has always wanted that but working long hours in the past I was very time poor.  So these past weeks I have made an extra effort to squirrel away seasonal fruits for the winter.
Yesterday I made some lovely Strawberry Jam.  I was lucky enough to pick up some local "Jam Strawberries" for a great price.  They were perfect but just a little small - Full of flavour and sweetness.  This was the first time I had made Jam in the Thermomix and I have to say that I am very pleased with it.  I needed to add an apple and some lemon juice to the strawberries as I always have trouble getting it to thicken due to the lack of pectin.  It turned out great !

And today I made some labels using a FREE online label maker - It is super easy to use and there are lots of labels to choose from.  It is HERE if you would like to make your own.
Next up is Tomato Chutney and a Pantry Clean Up using my recent jar collection. I'll be back to show you my progress.
Hugs - Fee xx


Bev C said...

Hello Fee,

Your jam looks so delicious. Thanks for the link for the label maker.

Happy days.

Helen said...

Yummy !! Thanks for the link :)

Maria said...

Your jam will taste so much better that supermarket bought jams. Our grandmas had the right idea I reckon...frugal, used up fruits etc when in season and provide healthy food. Would have been good for the environment too...using not wasting 'stuff'.

Anonymous said...

awesome Fee and thankyou so much for sharing your recipes.xx

Jeanette said...

Yummy looking jam. Thanks for the link. I use jam sugar when making strawberry jam, Works a treat for getting the jam to set. Hugs,xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Your thermomix will be worth it's weight in gold soon, Fee. One day I'm going to get me one...but like you, pennies are very tight at the moment. Your inspiring us all to plan ahead and make good use of our time, hon. x

Janice said...

Your jam looks delicious and I love the polka dot lids, I've never seen them here (Canada).