Monday, October 20, 2014

Copy of Today's Newsletter

Just in case you are not a newsletter subscriber I thought that today I would blog a copy of the letter that just went out to subscribers.  If you like my FREE Block of the Month''s the changes I have made WILL affect you so read on.  You may want to become a subscriber - It's FREE - Just join up over there on the right hand side of the blog.


Good Morning. It is a bit chilly here in Brighton this morning but the sun is trying it's best to poke through. I have spent the morning chasing my tail and have finally been able to sit down to pen my newsletter to you.
Firstly thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter - Some of you have been a subscriber for a very long time - Over 2 years and your loyalty blesses me every day. I know that you love my Daily Deals Newsletter from Fee's Shabby Shack and I will write more on that later in this edition.
If you read my blog - you will know that 6 weeks ago I was made redundant from my job. I managed a function centre and it was my life for almost 9 years. I juggled a small business and designing with working as well as being a grandma, wife and house keeper. It did take it's toll and the stress of my day job got to me in the end I must admit.
This Newsletter will cover the future of Fee's Shabby Shack, Some Life Decisions, My new BOM"s and My Creative Life


I have now had time to wind down and de-stress and I have been able to assess my situation with a little more clarity. We were a one income family and now we are down 80% of that income so it tends to force you make some tough decisions. BUT having said that after leading a stressful life for such a long period of time and having had 6 weeks off doing not very much at all I have decided that somehow I need to get a happy medium.
Deal of the Day has been a wonderful little business but it is time for it to undergo some changes. The cost of running it on low margins (to keep postage FREE for you) is too much to bear without an income. I have lots of money tied up in stock and that needs to change. FREE postage will be staying FOREVER but from the 1st January the Fee's Shabby Shack E-Mails will be coming to you once a week. They may contain 1 deal or they may contain 10 - I have a number of contacts for super dooper deals and it will depend on what items I can source as to what I can offer.
From now until the end of the year the remaining stock I have will be offered on our daily deals at TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Prices. Our normal standard items such as Easy Fix, Weaveline and Paper Pieces will ALWAYS be in the store so rest assured you can still get some of your favourite products any time.
I do hope that you understand.


On the personal front I want to follow my life long dream of going to University and to study Nursing. We know it is going to be super tough financially for quite some time but we are up for the challenge. Shedding the rigors of Fee's Shabby Shack will assist me by giving me more time for study.
We will be living a super frugal life and I will be writing about my journey as we go along. I started up a Facebook page if you want to follow along too - Living a Happy Frugal Life. I will be sharing money saving tips, recipes, upcycling projects and lots lots more ........


As for my creative life I can feel it taking some different turns.
My heart wants me to finish off some of the projects I had fallen in love with over the years and our budget dictates that I have enough supplies and UFO's here to last a lifetime so one frugal decision is to listen to it.
I want to create small items to sell and have started an ETSY store last week which hopefully will grow over time. I am having lot's of fun with my Cameo machine making lots of framed signs, bags, t-shirts etc
I have a new Block of The Month drawn up and ready to be stitched and released once THE FRIENDSHIP QUILT finishes - I am loving it - I hope you will too


The BIG News is that my new FREE Block of the Month will begin on the 1st December. (Sneak Peek above)
BUT it will only be FREE to Newsletter subscribers and will be sent out with your newsletter each month. For anyone else it will be a paid subscription. This is a BIG THANK YOU for your support and for putting up with me invading your INBOX.
A weekly newsletter with news from the business and the occasional additional FREEBIE will be sent out on Friday nights.


Thank so much for getting this far - I felt I needed to get what's rattling around in my head down on paper and explain to you the new direction I will be taking the business and my blog in January 2015. I hope that you decide to stick with me as I have lots planned to share with you. I do have one final announcement but it is still in the planning stage so until it is finalised my lips will be sealed :)
For now the Deal of the Day E-Mails will continue with heavily discounted stock.
Catch you tomorrow.
Hugs - Fee xxx


Jan said...

Hi Fee - You are truly amazing and a woman of great spirit and courage and I wish you all the best with all your endeavours and adventures. I'll be there to cheer you on. Jan x

Unknown said...

Thank you Fee, good luck with the new journey that your life will be taking. I know that it will all work out for you because you have the courage to make it happen. As Jan said in her comment we will be here to cheer you on. Warm wishes Lizzi xo

elliesue said...

Hi Fee,
The old cliche says, "When one door closes another one opens". This is a wonderful opportunity to start on a new track. We all love seeing your patterns, & I know your mind will be seething with new one because that is the way you are.
God bless you in what ever you do.

Patricia said...

Wishing you great success in your new adventures. Will keep up with you.

Patricia C

Anonymous said...

Your decisions sound just right for you! Thank you for the free BOM. I've posted about it on <a href=">Quilt BOM</a> so I hope others will find it and your newsletter, too. I'm so happy to hear you are still going to carry weaveline because I can't get it here in the US.

Wendy said...

Oh Fee, it is wonderful that you will be able to study to become a nurse...I wish you the best in all the new directions you will be going...I am sure your Etsy shop will do well...I so look forward to your newsletters and am looking forward to 2015 with you...may all your dreams become a reality this coming year...have a blessed day...

Jacqueline said...

I wish you nothing but the best in all future endeavors. God always has a plan for us if we take the time to listen to it.

Unknown said...

Hello Fee,
I was just a reader ... like this, but I've just read that you lost your job. I know what it is, having experienced that several years ago.
But finally, having a young girl with some dys problems, it's a good thing.
And I'm preserving a little bit of my personnality with stitching and since last year, trying patchwork.
When I saw your beautiful project Up the garden path, I decided to try it.
But I had to wait for this autumn. The 1st block is now finished and I thanks you for it.
It's a real pleasure.
Kind regards from France